Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spreading Phlox

pic from yesterday, Phlox was here and there around the Trail Heads to Sentinel Dome and The Fissures....today: more time fiddling with the external drives, on all three computers!...kinda forgot which drives have what....would like to take the old laptop on the rollarounds, but I wrecked the cd drive--put the plastic packaging in by mistake...so to copy things from the internal drive, which is full, to external, I need an external  (or an external cd drive)...oh, wait, I think I might have one...one drive I checked didn't look to have anything on it, and it was one of the small hp portables....the old laptop is a HP PC...the new laptop, is a Mac, and I dont know what other mac users are doing when the internal drive fills up...brb....iphoto onto external hard drive...geez lueez, that links to three pages of forum discussion on the subject...and iphoto is a jealous god!....I have one hp portable xhd with Time Machine backup...(TM is a reallyreally jealous god!!!)...and a new wd elements 1tb drive, which I, from reading above, wrongly formatted in Fat (didn't open on the desktop hp pc anyway!), and should have used the Journaled format....just finding how to format this drive was a task!!....and if I reformat it, I'll have to revisit that puzzle...all of this has moved me near to considering getting one of the new hp laptops...I saw one with 8 gb...and with a pc, I can hook up as many external drives as I want, and work off of them, with any photo editor program I please...I just dont understand why macintosh, which originated the icons that could be dragged and copied anywhere and everywhere, drifted away from that...oh...jealousy I suppose!!!....sunny hot blue...maybe tomorrow a rollaround...maybe...oh..in the evening, paddled over to Sandpiper Beach...a familiar looking New Log hauled up by High Water against the Cottonwoods...continued along the Merced, East Bank much eroded, Big Cottonwood down on the West Bank, to Creek's End, and, yep, Owl Log has floated off to be by the Cottonwoods...cant express how much I'll miss sit awhiles on Owl Log at Creek's End!!...still some Flotsam there, but nothing looking comfortable to perch on...hmmph...and the Woods quiet...one Young Doe about, and Fawn tracks...more iphoto: a blogger found some help, which is here.......http://fatcatsoftware.com/

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