Saturday, July 16, 2011


Well, I rolled in Silver as far as Ely, Nevada, got a ramada inn room,with, sheesh, the casino out front of the door!...but room is nice, and will be base camp for next two days...Ely is just short of Great Basin National Park by about 66 miles....went to sleep immediately for a couple hours, so no time to explore Town....Pronghorns aside the Road, and curious about me too...each step I'd take, Pronghorns would bound off, but then, if I stood still, start to come back..farfar away though....other sights, and sightings, for report soon...sunny hot cerulean blue, air hearabout very clear, and evening deep blueness exceptional...Swallows finished the Nest under the Eaves at the Lee Vining mobil station, but not about....

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