Monday, July 18, 2011

Cave Lake Trail

Today, I hiked the Cave Lake Overlook Trail at Cave Lake State Park, which is nearby Ely; yesterday, I hiked the Bristlecone Pine Trail, and the Alpine Lake Trail at Great Basin National Park; tomorrow, I'm not sure where I'll be be! ups are short, I dont have a photo, or clip, editor on the newest computer yet, oh, the usual  PC ones are there, but I dont seem to be able to lower the resolutions with them, so difficult to upload--takes a long time!....if I go through a Large Town, I can maybe get adobe's premier and elements...otherwise, editing and posting will wait until I'm back in the Valley, which might be tomorrow!...just going out the Cabin Door was like removing gum from carpet on a hot day!...anyway, everything hereabout is spread far apart, and I've learned that a few hours of day hiking often produces more Fauna and Flora sightings than hundreds of miles, and hours and hours of rolling on the Roads! the hike today: some new Flowers, and Butterflies, and Birds--new to and clips for sometime...and familiar sightings: Flicker, DownyOrHairy Woodpecker Young chirping (couldn't sight), Juncos, Mountain Chickadee, Western Bluebird, Clark's Nutcracker, Coots, Cliff Swallow, Great Blue Heron...two small Lakes near Ely...Cave Lake, and Comins Lakes...most of the effort last evening, and today, was trying to take clips and pics of Ducks, and Coots, with Young...need to put clips together with editor!!...sunny hot blue...letterman show report of Condors at Grand Canyon...yesterday, report of Mountain Lion on Baker Lake Trail at GBNP...and needless to say, wifi connects are problematic, making postups likewise!!...oh..and the nc's touchy touch pad, and odd keyboard sensitivity, is keeing me up too late editing!!!

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