Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mobil Fauna

A must stop on any East Side rollaround is the Lee Vining Mobil Gas Station, for gas of course, but also for the great food....Cliff Swallow pics from Breakfast stop June 21, eggs, bacon, home fry potatoes...Swallow over the entry Door, and too, Swallows flying about outside the Big Windows (most any place with Big Windows is okay by me!)...Hawk, Redtail, being chased by Blackbirds, pic from June 28...afternoon stop for Fish Taco plate...having been disappointed not to see Eagles or Hawks all day (oh, did see Kestrel), I was surprised to see Hawk approaching outside the Windows with Blackbirds in pursuit...tried to ready camera, but no luck, until Hawk and Blackbirds came back into view, and a series of pics today...sunny hot blue...talked today with friends about Great Basin National Park...everyone agrees a must see...and by some quirk in things, I have two weeks vacation beginning Monday...thought had been to spend all of the time exploring Tuolumne, but much of Tuolumne, at the moment, is problematic...the Store and Grill, while ready, cant open as Snow and Flooding is messing with the tiki piping and water two weeks maybe open....really wanted to just set up camp in the Campground, and dayhike everywhere so I could carry all the gear...anyway, asked Ranger who just came from Great Basin, if I could do as planned there, and it would seem, post ups might be intermittent in the coming days!!.....the route I would take to get to Great Basin is interesting....Tioga Road 120, makes a jink at the Mobil Station, and starts up again just South of Mono Lake...and there it goes off into the Desert Shrub Distance, and looks to link to Hwy 6/50, and that Road takes one to the neighborhood of Baker, Nevada...."It has about eighty residents...and four restaurants."... 'Well, that'll work!"


Katie (Nature ID) said...

Curious. Those definitely look like cliff swallows, but the open cup nest looks like a barn swallow nest.

shadow*jewels said...

Road trip! I am stuck at home, so i'm really looking forward to hearing about your trip. If you go.