Friday, July 15, 2016

MidnightMovies: High Noon

MidnightMovies: High Noon

There's no getting around it, I'm a movie 'toon' World of Warcraft when one makes a game character to play, it's nicknamed a 'toon'...brb...well, I googled 'world of war craft toon' and a forum discussion came's one's character, or characters (I think one can have up to fifty!), and there's a related nickname, 'alt' for has a main character, 'my main', and then the other characters are alternates, or alts, and they usually aren't as high a level as a main, or have some subsidiary tasks to perform, or were made just to explore a different character's gets very complicated quickly!, where was I...oh, I'm a movie toon...which is to say, movies have made me, the way I make toons in wow...I come to this because of how I've been thinking about Dr. Zhivago, how poetry and being a poet is depicted in the movie...(recall reading the book, but that was much later)...I picked up on that...and became a poet toon character!...did the same thing after seeing Titanic...always wanted to draw and paint, and seeing DiCaprio draw Winslet (was that a body double?), pushed me back to community college where I took all the classes I could, 'gearing' my art toon!...this happened in Yosemite too, where I was double wammied by John Muir and Ansel Adams...not Adams so much, but I used to get teased walking about with my tripod on my shoulder, 'Hey Ansel!'...but for those ten years in the Valley I did a 'grind' gearing up my Muir toon, and Adams toon...I might have a multiple personality disorder!...I noted that I'm a the basketball camp the instructors were impressed how quickly I picked up on three ref mechanics...I'm a good mimic!...I'd be a good ref toon, but my age is handicap...anyway, recognizing I have these characters, these alts, these toons,  maybe fifty!, I was curious, casting back on all the movies I've seen, what might be my ur toon, ur being the archeological term referring to the earliest town level in a tell, a hill of piled up eras of towns...and it came real, I just came away from a discussion of how I look...we were video recorded at the camp, self recognition being a big part of actors we need to know what we look like when we ref!...well, needless to say, after seeing my video, how I look isn't how I seem to me's a rare person I suspect that has an interior vision of themselves that is matched up with how they look in a mirror, or to others...I just studied out the myth of Narcissus, trying to get a take on this...Ovid's version being the most well known...a poem is in the works about how Narcissus looks in the pool, and how that is a side by side with how we all are looking 'in' the we look, and how we look...oh, there, I got a start!...will save that...needs to gestate some more!...anyway, so I came quick to my ur  movie toon, the movie character I'm most inside, my 'main'...I went to see this particular movie with my grandmother when I was four years old or so, and town has a little theater called The Gem, which still stands, and occasionally now does stage's a classic little town balcony...Santa Ana's had a balcony, and a kids' Saturday matinee...much noise!...anyway, anyway, I'm Gary Cooper in High Noon...that was the first movie I ever saw, and my mimicry latched onto it, big time!...of late, I've noted my fondness for the Ichi Samurai movies that I discovered on youtube...thought to watch one tonight, but was disappointed to see them gone because of copyright problems!...but there was a segment still up, and, ral, it's a replica of High Noon!...many of the stories in the Samurai movies are borrowed from our Westerns, and visa versa...Ichi is beset by the arrival of bad guys, and all the town folk are hold up behind closed doors...his girl, Ichi always has a girl!, told to stay inside by him, runs about while he's fighting and tries to rouse the town folk to help Ichi...this is the motif in High Noon...Cooper tries to get the town folk to help, but they all stay indoors, and at the end, after his girl saves him by shooting one of the bad guys, he walks off with his girl, and throws his sheriff's badge down on the dusty street, disgusted with the whole was a controversial western to make, and as I've mentioned before, I have this precociousness when it comes to movies...I understood it perfectly, and now, after reading wiki's take, understand why John Wayne hated it and made Rio Bravo as a counter weight!...High Noon is old enough that it might be on youtube, no copyright's, it's been a life of consternation...trying to face down bad guys, while the town folk are oblivious! MidnightMovie, I'll go on about the second movie I saw, two actually, a double bill, and the toons they made of me!...toon might be from Roger Rabbit and Toon Town...toon of course coming from cartoon characters...I have a whole bunch of those!

Forget it, Jake, it's Toon Town...
Oh, it was Winslet, not a body double...and still a talkshow talkabout!...and it's another poem in the works...oh! ties in with Narcissus!

and, and, to add emphasis to being tooned by High Noon, our family vacations thenabout were to my Great Uncle's ten acres in Stockton...cows, chickens, and such, and visits to the old west towns, fish along the American River coming from the Sierra, the Calaveras Big Trees and such...Great Uncle Harold was great...I have photo of him sitting on haystack with a bag of manure beside him that he is pointedly pointing too!...some of High Noon was filmed at Jamestown, nearby Stockton... 

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