Friday, July 8, 2016

OTI:five poems and notes:7/8/16

Open To Interpretation

Black Cat

Do you think I'm groping?
You are a feline of darkness
Among these black tombstones
That I stumble around bumping into.
Is it my touch,
That makes you arch your back,
And caterwaul?


The Black Deck scattered,
Some cards up,
Some cards down,
A broken mirror,
Blacked and silvered
Futures' sharp edges
I fear to handle
Deal out
In one reflection.

Mocking Bird

Turdos polyglottos
Many tongued mimic
Singing at 5 am
Outside my open window
While I sing to you far away
With this black window opened.
If I just had wings!


And Moses,
You came up behind us,
And from them you delivered us,
And from them and them and them,
Even them again,
And so even now Moses,
Surrounded by a bloody sea of 'thems',
You stand behind us...
Maybe you could try standing
In front.

Mandarin Orange

Beside the driveway
In front of the garage, the small
Mandarin orange tree is blooming
And full of honey bees!
No crisis here,
"Tree is organic."
There's hope for bees
And there's hope for trees.


Notes: Black Cat...I couldn't think of one word for Cats' howling, my first notion, so went to 'purring', which is an alternate poem!...unhappy with that, I thought of caterwaul, and looked to see if there was a synonym for caterwaul...caterwaul is kind of a mouthful!...but no synonym, so caterwaul it is, and the original sentiment of the poem stays intact!...Thought...I didn't want to use 'reflection', seemed to obvious/plain, so looked for synonyms of reflection, 'thought' being one I liked...but it doesn't fit well, but used it in the title!...and that works...the Black Deck is the fortune telling card deck...Mocking Bird...there was an alternate ending, 'with this hand held tool', which, well...fiddled, and got that black window conceit in, so have gone with that!...Moses...I had the first line, 'Moses, you stood beside us...', and one finger key padded it so I wouldn't lose it...this how things often go...and it sat awhile...and then I fiddled to see where it was going...I'm on a streak of resurrecting characters, and baleful eyeballing them!...Mandarin Orange...just as it happened...'hope for bees' mine, 'hope for trees' Robert Graves'...Graves in the White Goddess develops this elaborate conceit that letters, the alphabet, alphabets, to the ancients, all had a corresponding Tree...a Tree Alphabet...and these Trees are all infused with the moon magic of the White Goddess...and hence everything we are and do...I suppose these Tree Alphabets could be stand ins, in another conceit, for DNA, the genetic code, or as in my conceits of Black this, and Black that...everyone now is becoming familiar with the nature of algorithms...consider, when light is shined through a prism, we can see the rainbow colors...the prism is like an algorithm...a rhyme/meter scheme in a poem is like an algorithm, and like the prism, it shows what's hidden to normal sight...'colors' of feeling...I keep working these 'Black' conceits and notions, and eventually, hopefully, I'll have a circumstance that 'black' will be like a prism/algorithm...'Black' of course is on everyone's minds from the news...I'm not referencing 'white' or 'black' skin color race things, anymore than Graves was with 'White' Goddess...but the connotation is there, I know, inevitably...words often have that...a black friend of mine, with her Jamaican lilt, couldn't get enough of calling me 'King'...'David The King'...oh, no sooner than I poked in 'caterwaul' than one of the neighborhood cats howled!...


When the beech prospers
Through spells and litanies
The oak tops entangle,
There is hope for the trees.

from Cad Goddeu




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