Tuesday, July 12, 2016

OTI:one poem and notes:7/12/16

Open To Interpretation


The Homeridae were gathered
Under the Dodona Oak,
A motley crew,
Some blind,
Some cripples,
Some weaklings,
Some runaways from wars,
And so possessing acuities
Suiting them to tell the tales
And be singing troubadours.
It was Winter, and rain and snow
Had paused their itineraries,
Going from town to town
Trading storied lore
For their livelihoods.
And trading stories now they were about,
Competing, challenging,
Exercising their imaginations,
Just as they would practice tunes on their lyres.
"Does the Black Ship have a name?"
Asked Melville.
"Pastiche!" suggested Poe.
"That's a description, not a name!"
Countered Dana.
"I'll lend you Argo."
Offered Rhodius.
"Oh, Argonauts goes well with my Aquanauts."
Commented Verne.
Silence, as they considered.
"Emily, what do you think a suitable name
For Pirate Queen Dulcinea's Black Ship?"
Asked Twain.
"Elizabeth," said Emily simply.
And a gust of wind blew snow
In all their faces beneath the Oak.


Notes: Artistic types usually have a handicap of some sort, and they gravitate to being the guardians of lore and performers of the arts...childhood friend was absolutely desperate to be a professional baseball player...failed at that, he became an excellent sports journalist...little is known about the ancient Greek Homeridae...at least, I can't find much googling!, and so have embellished...and here a study site of Ancient Greek lore...Elizabeth is Emily Dickinson's middle name...oh..I had Homer where Rhodius is, having mistaken that Homer wrote the story of Jason and the Argonauts...uncertain just who did it first, but Apollonius of Rhodes, had the best...and what a good fit!...see link to wiki's take...



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