Monday, July 25, 2016

OTI:eight poems and notes:7/25/16

Open To Interpretation


The old and dormant volcano
Stood risen up from the Southern Sea.
Perforated with black lava caverns,
It stands off shore of Nevermore,
Winter bound with broken pack ice
And drifting ice bergs.
The sky grey over the wave heaving ice flows.
Fledgling Black Dragons
Soaring, hovering, dove into the sea,
Pursuing panicked seals.

Conversations End

The conversation will end
You'll find another trend
I know it will be so
From those times I go
Back from a mountain peak
Leaving behind what I seek
And can only visit
And revisit
Because mountains don't move
Like you do.

Dragon Dreams

The Southern Black Dragon Flight
Dreamed dragon dreams.
The fledglings returned to their
Respective nests,
Spread their wings
And shook their feathers dry,
And nestled into sleep.
And the old volcano,
And the dragons' caverns within,
Were quiet like a cathedral ruin.

My Poor Brain

My poor brain.
I touch my skull
And it's like the dashboard
Beneath the windshield.
Bone can withstand a bump or two,
But transparent to radiation from you.


In Winter,
Ishi's family foraged the shores
Of Nevermore
Like all the families
Of all the tribes
Of all the Lost Peoples.
Never was far far in the distance,
The Black Dragons in their hibernation.
Ishi speared a fish,
And retrieved fish and spear
From the wave slosh among the
Barnacle covered rocks,
And was happy.


Every month
Funds drain down
To the very drain.
I play the fourth
Wednesday game
Well so far
With a few others.
We have no hall of fame.

Petra And Pet

The Black Dragon reached
Nevermore's shoreline
And followed it along,
The volcano head of Never
In the distance nearing.
Dulcinea, weary of days
Seated on the Dragon's scaly claws
'Enough of this,
Huggins, Munnins, take
The Dragon's other eye!'
And the two Ravens happily did so.
The Dragon roared
And spouted flames in pain,
Terrified of blindness.
Ishi looked up
To see the Dragon twisting and turning,
Descending to the seashore,
And hurried his family into
The conifer forest.
The soft sand softened the Dragon's crash,
And Dulcinea hopped free,
And trotted to opposite the Dragon's writhing head.
Arms akimbo,
She soothed the Dragon's pain,
'I'll be your'
The Dragon roared,
Belched flame and black smoke,
'Deal...what is your name?' the Dragon asked.
'I have many, you can know me as Petra.' Dulcinea thought, and stepped forward to scratch the Dragon's chin.  'And you I will call Pet.'


With the window open
I'm always hoping
It will be somewhat cooler.
My imagination seeks to help,
Takes me back
To September 1915 Bridge,
Cathedral, Unicorn,
Hawk atop the Lodgepole Pine,
Feathers ruffled
By Tuolumne's cold wind.
Heck, the traffic light changes
And I'm honked forward.


Notes: well, this time by design, I interleaved the Black Ship Tale with the usual's an effort to get at what happens as we watch an entertainment with the usual clutter different when making an entertainment, and clutter!'s going to be hard to get Never across as the name of a volcano/mountain...I don't think Never has ever been used to name a mountain...might be a good name for one in the Himalaya's that no one has climbed successfully yet!...brb...Never Summer Mountains ...hmmph...and images...oh, these mountains must be known to me!...Conversations End...and will find some solace daydreaming of going to them, confident they stay put...:)....Dragon Dreams...I didn't want to use 'cathedral'...too many overtones and connotations, but it becomes a fit with Petra and Pet, and a kind of serendipity...the wild scene in part from previous early morning quote from Grave's poem, The White Goddess...My Poor Brain...a goof...Ishi...reference Ishi...:)...Funds...a goof...Petra And Pet...last evening at the movies I took note in preview that Pete's Dragon has feathers (and is green)...the Black Dragons in their winter settings need feathers too to keep warm...and kind of a goof to give Dulcinea the female name for Peter, and the Black Dragon 'Pet'...but realized it not goofy at all when noted Petra is old Greek for rock or stone...the inspiration for St. Peter's name...and the whole doggone scene, with Never as a cathedral ruin, and many named Dulcinea, has become 'massive'...all I need do is throw in the 'seven sleepers'...but enough...for now...wanted to fly Dulcinea into Never, as captive, but couldn't imagine it, so dropped her off on the beach!...and Ishi appearing spearing a fish worth the diversion!...Cold...another goof...



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