Wednesday, July 27, 2016

OTI:one poem and notes:7/27/16

Open To Interpretation

A Waking Dragon

"A waking dragon makes his nest
Hoping for no rest
And with family to be blessed."

"A sleeping dragon dreams
Of nightmares teams
Pulling carriages of treasure
Beyond all measure."

"The stolen dream treasures
She critically measures
Offering her pleasures
To her dragon not rested,
Awake, not dreaming,
In duty, not seeming,
And completed, nested."

"Humankind quests
To steal back stolen
Dragons' bequests
Treasures all golden."

"One above all
Among the Dragon mates,
To Humankind's gall,
The hero that takes
To Nevermore."

"Stop already!"  Ishmael protested
To Pip, Watteau, Ned, and Madeline,
Gathered in a circle,
Trying to compose rhymes and lyrics,
Playing out of tune
Experimental melody strains.
And the Ravens with Ishmael agreed,
Croaking from their austere aerie
High in the rigging and yard arms,
And the Gulls chimed in.
Ishmael jumped up,
And threw from his scrub bucket
Soapy water across the Black Deck.
The crew sat back on their haunches and laughed, 
Then continued their effort,
The Black Deck doesn't clean and polish itself.

"Oh!" said Ishmael, "Nemo's daughter."
"How's that?" asked Shaw,
Bent over scrubbing.
Ishmael sat on his bucket
Beside Pip, Watteau, Ned and Madeline,
Listening to their rhymes and tunes.
Ishmael twirled around to Shaw.
"Nemo made a deal with a Black Dragon for Dulcinea
Knowing we'd follow to Nevermore,
Rescue Dulcinea,
And his daughter." he said.
Shaw smiled,
"We'll need more ships."


Notes: I came away from reading Horatio Hornblower stories, Two Years Before The Mast, Moby Dick, and such, with a kind of take on holy stoning old wooden ship decks...brb...


The US Navy has it the term may have come from the fact that 'holystoning the deck' was originally done on one's knees, as in prayer.


And all along in the Black Ship tale the crew polishing the Black Deck is a take off on holy stoning...and a reference to some religion's philosophy of  'mirror polishing'...forget which...brb...well, I'll credit the Sufis with the conceit of the heart being like a mirror, and the effort is to polish it...but that could well be a sentiment reached in many religions...I was just reading a NY Times take on religion in Saudi Arabia, and there was a pic of women and men gathered at a business product exhibition...the women dressed in black from head to toe, only a slit for their eyes, and the men all in white gowns with the checkered red headpieces...they could be my Ravens and Gulls!...but that's a reach...and the Islam devout on hands and knees praying five times a day may be the picture the Navy had in mind!...Saudi Arabia is an example of what great wealth ritualizes everything...example: life for China's emperors in the Forbidden City...somewhere just saw a story of how the upper class is self segregating itself by living in planned communities, with the gates and guards and such--like Pebble Beach...home owner associations are only a bit up the road from extremely wealthy elite will go to all lengths to keep its wealth...dragons with their hoards...the web is being kept 'clean' all the time, by never seen servants who have a daunting task...story I read about this said they get paid well, but the stress of dealing with the awful day to day, drives them crazy...and then there's the whole mess of computer viruses, hackers, wiki leakers and such...and aboard ship discipline on a military vessel is beyond beyond...they're not on their knees, but carrier crewmen will walk the deck before flight take off, meticulously picking up from those black decks any debris, least it get sucked up into the jet's engines...

the republican convention was a white wash...
the democrats', just a wash...

Update 7/29: had 'Shaw' talking charateristically from Jaws, and realized I was intuiting Shaw from Person of Interest, and a typical for that show plot exhibition...ah...keep them both aboard...:)




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