Thursday, July 21, 2016

OTI:two poems and notes:7/21/16

Open To Interpretation


Geraldine undressed,
And Christabel
Saw Christina,
And caught her breath.


Ah, you thought to escape
But took a few things with.
I thought I'd seen that
In your 'Nevemore'.
Her pose is classic
And fantastic,
A language to supplant
All that went before.


Notes: Well, I suppose my 'I and You' poems can include observing others' 'I's and You's"...I've done a few such already, here's a couple more...Coleridge...reference Samuel Taylor Coleridge and his fragmentary poem Christabel...I was thinking of putting Christabel and Geraldine aboard the Black Ship, as co captains, or one or the other as captain, while Dulcinea is away in the clutches of the Black Dragon...Coleridge really throws a screw ball with really doesn't know what affliction affects her side and bosom that so shocks Christabel, and one's imagination takes off...likely a ploy by Coleridge!...he could be very calculating...considering, I thought of Christina, the famous painting by Andrew Wyeth (the viewer does a double take when noticing Christina is crippled)...Gauguin...I was checking Nevermore references...Nevermore being the refrain in Edgar Allen Poe's poem The Raven...and now the far away destination of the Black Dragon with Dulicinea in its claws!...and I happened on Gauguin's painting O Taiti, which has Nevemore painted in the upper left corner...Gauguin had just heard a recital of The Raven...the Raven being recited, in English I imagine, before Gauguin with his entourage, in Tahiti, another screwball!...(a screwball is a baseball pitch that is very slow and has no spin whatsoever, and so air pressure pushes it any old way on the way to the plate--a dancing pitch)...Gauguin in wiki's take is said to have said that it is not a Raven standing near the top of the painting...Gauguin could be even more calculating...but he had his own method of printing that introduced randomness into the final print--screwiness!...oh, the bird is Gauguin...that beak, his I have screwball wrong...a screwball goes the opposite of a curve ball...which I think is like for a right handed pitcher a curve ball curves from the pitcher's right to left, and a screwball would be very hard to throw, as one would have to torque one's forearm and hand to left and down to impart the backward sort of spin to make the ball go left to right from pitcher's perspective...brb...sort of got it...what I was thinking of, above, was the sort of suspends the ball on one's knuckles, just your fingernails grab it, and it releases with no spin...'no spin' is the pun I'm trying to sustain!...knuckleballs often are uncontrollable, missing everything and going to the screen, or hitting the batter...



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