Tuesday, July 5, 2016

OTI:one poem and notes:7/5/16

Open To Interpretation

I Would Like The Ocean To Be Green

'I would like the Ocean to be green
Not just one green
But many shades of green
And I would like the Ocean to be blue
Not just one blue
But many shades of blue
And the shades of blue and green
Mixed together into every possible tint
And I would like the surface of the Ocean to be like silk
Smooth, gently disturbed by soft breezes now and then
Making tints, hints, of violets and purples in with the greens with blues.'
The Ocean seemed to hear Dulcinea's thought,
And was just so beneath the morning rising sun,
And the Ebony Dolphins listened to her singing to them,
Bobbing, and smiling upwards beside Ichi's long slender craft
Adrift at the moment,
As Ichi waved his arms at the Ravens and Gulls
Perched all along the rails and fluttering about.
"Go away, shooo...shooo...you're making a mess!'
They wouldn't listen,  and with a cloth Ichi wiped his forehead...
Dulcinea sang beneath the paper and bamboo umbrella unconcerned.
"Oh, what is this!" Ichi said, and became rock still, head lowered listening,
Ignoring the Ravens and the Gulls fluttering wings....
"oh...a Black Dragon's wings..."
The Black Dragon that had broke from the Black Dragon Flight approached,
Low, like a black shadow on the sea.
Ichi hurried to the stern, and from storage, found his bow,
Grabbing an Arrow, which no sooner had he had it nocked,
He let fly.
The Dragon loomed large, clawed feet about to snatch Dulcinea,
But the arrow found it's right eye, and the Dragon with a roar of pain, Plunged into the sea.
The Ravens and Gulls had retreated high into the sky,
The Ebony Dolphins gone too, Dulcinea quiet.
She rose up, dressed in her black pantaloons,
Black blouse, with maroon vest,
Her wide dark eyes enquired while she tousled her short black hair,
"What are you about, Ichi?"
Ichi listened to the waves, trying to hear the submerged Dragon...
"I made a deal."...still listening...
"Deal?" Dulcinea asked, curious...
"For you, and...with...oh!...they're here!"
The slender craft rocked back and forth as the Nautilus
Surfaced with a wave foam filled explosion beside.
Nemo poked his head up from the opening deck hatch.
"Quickly, a Dragon's about!" said Ichi.
Nemo's crew scrambled, loading the slender craft with jewels, gold, Treasures of supreme value, all only ballast aboard the Nautilus,
Taken from ship wrecks of all the Seven Seas. 
The treasures secured in the slender craft,
A dozen crew from the Nautilus took their seats
With long oars newly fashioned, to replace those lost. 
Dulcinea needed no further explanation,
And hopped up on the Nautilus deck,
"My Dolphins will see you home Ichi.  So long..." she said.
Ichi waved, and the powers of the waves joined the long slender craft,
And Ichi and his new crew rode swiftly towards the Western horizon,
The Ebony Dolphins riding along side.
Dulcinea turned to Nemo, hands on hips,
"And you Nemo, what are you about, kidnapping me?"
Nemo was aghast, his open mouth silenced,
As the Black Dragon, submerged, reached the air, and in one quick Movement captured Dulcinea in its claws
And ascended high into the sky, scattering the Ravens and Gulls.
Two Ravens followed the Black Dragon as it flew South,
All the other Ravens and Gulls returned to the Black Ship.


Notes: a midnightmovie note...I went yesterday in the afternoon to see Independence Day...the second one, twenty years later...I sat beside a stranger, but we high fived at the funny parts...it's fun, and funny, go see...I Would Like...I could fiddle here, edit some more, and will, though off in a moment to the dungeon/gym, a routine nowabout, but I'm inclined to leave it be, and so not overwork it and find it turned to mud as in a painting effort!...reference Ichi the Japanese Samurai television/movie warrior...ronin actually...I guess...Hokusai's craft in the Great Wave...Verne's Nautilus...update: bk from the dungeon and a snack...cleaned things up...there's something to be said for arranging prose like a poem...one, if it is to be read aloud, one can cue how to read it with the line lengths (Ginsberg made a big deal out of this, claiming innovation with his 'long breath' lines), and two, see ee cummings, there's a concrete poetry effect...pauses and leaps and stretched outs things, from how the letters and words are on the page...Hemmingway famously ended one of his novels without a period...it just leaves off in mid air when the hero dies...that's using the look of words on the page to hark to the meaning of the words on the page...and it's kind of nice to do...that bit Melville did about Ismael being in the crows nest on the Pequod...chapter 35...that I quoted back a ways, is obviously a poem, but because of being in a prose book, Melville was trapped into it being side to side full text!...it takes up more space to string out prose like this, in standard free verse like poetry, capitals beginning each line...and with a paper book,
space is a cost
but here on the web...
hmmph...the line breaks I have here in the edit window, aren't going through to the view window...that window is smaller...I think if one can somehow widen the view window, the lines will arrange properly...most times my lines are short enough anyway not to be a problem...but with the longer lines here it's a problem, and a lot of the eye movement messed up...words on a page are both a seeing and a hearing, rhythms of sight and sound...and should add the imaginations expectations, as when a dragon leaps out of the sea...hmmph...and too, the view window doesn't always get all the editing from the edit window...a missing space, or carriage return, something always...and what's happening in the view window, I often cant see in the edit, so must remember where the problems are...I go back and forth a lot!...often for days, like a compulsion...self editing is just impossible...one is too close to the trees!



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