Monday, July 4, 2016

OTI:five poems and notes:7/4/16

Open To Interpretation


What can I say,
OTI is like
'The Pride and the Passion'
There's Cary Grant
There's Sophia Loren
There's a Wall
There's a Cannon.

Well, here I arrive, Aphrodite,
To endure your ways
As History proves
They have a propagating purpose.
Enjoy them in time I will?
I'm no hairless child
But what does my strength of arms
Have to do with flower arrangements
And flowing silk?
My retinue and I would
Rather endure a long days march
Beneath a scorching sun
To end eating dust
Than dally with your playful lust.
But to be just,
However you pose
Brings a disarming smile,
Such is Beauty's wild wile.

What circumstance I was in,
Happy home,
Loyal providing husband,
Out and about,
And this hunk comes across my threshold.
I was trapped and bothered
Losing all in choosing all.
It was a 'hot mess'
Brought on by you,
For that god forsaken purpose,
Your sibling disdaining jealousy
Of Artemis' chastity!

Phaedra, now
We are alone as alone can be
Best make the best of it
While school classes now take serious
That gossip Euripides,
Our reputations in tears,
Come here.


What can I say
There's cannons
There's aliens
It's Independence Day!


Notes: Cannon Cannons...goofs, reference the movies...Hippolytus Phaedra Hippolytus...a dialog...reference the Ancient Greek play Hippolytus by Euripides...Hippolytus, Euripides actually, these plays all have the look of philosophical dialogs, the two of them, remind me of Nathaniel Hawthorne's Reverend Dimmesdale, the two of them! sympathies with Phaedra, Hester, and Julie Christie in Doctor Zhivago...the two of her!...ral...maybe I am an old Greek!...oh...I'm a mimic of sorts, I take away from movies things to wear...on seeing Titanic, I took up drawing...needles to say, I saw the movie Doctor was my first date...check was later on...oh, I should have kept a journal!


Pasternak died a disillusioned and disgraced man on May 30, 1960. As cited in his obituary in the New York Times, one of the poems from Doctor Zhivago provides for the author an appropriate epitaph: “The stir is over.... / I strain to make the far-off echo yield / A cue to the events that may come in my day. / The order of the acts has been schemed and plotted, / And nothing can avert the final curtain’s fall. / I stand alone.... / To live life to the end is not a childish task.”

end quote



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