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OTI:two poems and notes:7/24/16

Open To Interpretation


Maybe some will notice
The fault is in our star:
Too warm the sea
Moistens the heated air
And surrounding coolness
Begins hurricanes' spins.


Oh, you stole your sister
Echo's daffodils,
Narcissus another name...

Notes:  Fault...arrived at this poem after doing a bunch that don't quite make it to 'poem''s very hard to write poems about current events, things in the news, and such...Fault was the last one I did in this group, and it has a telling pun in 'fault'...familiar is earthquake 'faults'...what these are gets explained every time there is an earthquake!...but it's not like the earth is at 'fault', being a motorist running a red light is at 'fault'...Nature is all about faults...we just deal with them, endure them, call them 'acts of nature' human affairs, fault begins to take on connotations of irresponsibility, and a whole philosophy of crime and punishment...hmmph...let me continue with listing the group!...and afterwards some notes on the notes!...


They have no sense
So we are left with their nonsense
Swabbing blood stained cement decks.


And grabbed by the collars
They twirl and spin
Every which way
Snapping at the hands that feed them.


There's no room for a populace gone crazy,
And our graveyards fill with the 
Fatalitied innocent trying to sustain peace.

A Rose Is A Rose

In France it was called "The Terror"
In Germany "The Holocaust"
Elsewhere more names
For this same weather
Like "Hurricane" and "Cyclone".


Insects have it worked out
Which of them begins
And ends
The recycling of corpses
If they can get to one
Before the war loosed dogs.


Our soldier's battles and deaths
Can be reported alongside
The stock markets' daily
Report of losses and gains.
Why not?
It's where wars begin, and sustain.
But instead it is for buffs
That delve into such history stuff
And sad soldiers' duties
To report to families.


Lincoln wore all black
And kept the Black Book nearby
A funerary attire
The citizenry adopted.


Notenotes: Nonsense...nonsense is one of Nature's faults, for people nonsense is a fault...having established a pun/play on the word fault, maybe that makes sense!...Collared...revolutionaries are like that...reference my wrestling with Maya, my dog!...I'm not adverse to using a hackneyed phrase like 'hand that feeds them' if I can put it in a setting that breaths life back into it...Robert Graves goes on somewhere, about the word 'haywire'...used so often to describe things gone awry, it lost it's original freshness, which he explains as the frustration a farmer had when bailing a bale of hay, the wire snaps, and scatters the hay all over...Fatalitied...I made up a way of getting 'freshness'!...I was thinking here of events in Turkey...what in the world are they going to do with the rounded up!...which brought to mind the French Terror, which in my study of the Romantic poets I keep coming across...and that led to A Rose Is A Rose...

quote from wiki

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" is a frequently referenced part of William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet seems to argue that it does not matter that Romeo is from her rival's house of Montague, that is, that he is named "Montague." The reference is often used to imply that the names of things do not affect what they really are.


...different names can be a disguise of the same thing...I did search: Wordsworth French Terror...and found myself studying the self same thing that is happening in Turkey...Robespierre's justification of 'terror' is chilling...clearly modern terrorists have a model to follow, as did Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, and their ilk...and of course to counter such terrorists, there is counter terrorists, witness the growing chorus of Guglianis!...I's the best of times, it's the worst of of my toon personalities is made by the movie Tale of Two the book too...'a far far better thing than I ever did before'...


  • It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.
  • Note: These closing lines bring Dickens' motif of doubles...


    Oh, it was Dicken's tale, thought it was Hugo's...forgot...we guillotined insects mercilessly as kids...Insects...and insects is a pun on those mechanical sorts who just respond like keys to a player piano's scroll...Bodie's Black Piano...dogs go feral let loose...people too...Reports...just trying to get at freedom of press suppression in a terror/counter terror milieu...I'm out of my depth in this stuff, and with a word like milieu, which must be French...remarkably, many poets try to swim in it, politics and such...seeking grand faction in the Terror thought to eradicate Christianity, sending monks and nuns to's take gives the breakdown of what segments of society were executed...25 per cent were from the aristocracy (8%), the clergy, and the middle class...the rest were commoners slaughtered by commoners...which is ironic, insomuch as the effort of the terror was to voice the common people's will...what happened seems to be the establishment of martial law with the goal of straightening things out, and then normal governance restored...a Terror would have happened with America's revolution too I think, but with our frontier there was room for everyone to kind of spread out and not get on one another's nerves!, with every Nation so crowded, there's just no room, for a 'populace gone crazy' the Terror, the prisons of Paris became overcrowded, and the 'nation's razor' trimmed...Reports is kind of generic...I don't know if seeing by everyone everyday battle reports helps any...WW2 was fought with hardly anyone knowing what was going on...which is curious, as I have some history stuff that seems to show that the politically savvy knew exactly how that war would progress from beginning to end...see Claire Booth Luce, Life Magazine, General Stillwell piece, 1942 issue...sometime I want to work this up, as it has Captain Frank Robert's in it...'Black Book' has become a pun for IslamChristianityJudaism's text book...I think Durrell wrote a novel, The Black Book...brb...I read it, and forget what it was about...was that the murder as a game story!?...anyway, it's a different Black Book!...Black Books goes along with my Black Decks and such! times, people weary of their poverty, and just life's travails in general, lending support to the nefarious ambitious...Wordsworth...the second poem up there at top...I didn't know that Daffodils and the flower named after Narcissus are one and the same...studied this out, and learned the flower lore of Daffodils...sacred to Persephone...and maybe the flower of the Elysian Fields...and his sister was his Echo, literally transcribing his day to day for years and years...maybe Google's mine...ral...reference Wordsworth poem I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud, and his sister's letter describing daffodils on one of their walks...'their' being Coleridge, Wordsworth and Dororthy...oh, I shouldn't use 'gyre' references, for the scholarly!, Yeats, I think...brb...yep, and gosh I just don't like 'gyre' at the end of Fault is now 'spin'...oh, got rid of 'the' too...'the hurricane's gyre' before...much better now!



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