Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ouzel and Mallards

I'll add pics and clips when the art table top computer is finished backing up my pics...will take awhile...350 gigs worth!...been putting this off way too long...what I think I'll do from here on is have two one hundred gig external drives, and load to both each upload...relatives are having trouble with computer crash and lost access to internal drive...I've come to think it's best to just use the internal drive for software and work in progress files, saving to it alone means one can't get to it if the computer breaks down...with the pics and clips on the external drive, I can access them with another computer. ...

on another note: Canon will soon have an 18 meg dslr, expensive (1,600), but I'm wondering if it's very high iso s , much touted, see Amazon, will make my 5.6 telephoto lens into like a 3. or 4. .... more and more, I'm taking pics in the very low evening light, like this evening:

Slept in past noon, and first order of things was do some laundry, then unpacked the second 750 gig external drive and started downloading everything on the first!...meanwhile, Shuttled back and forth to the Post Office...hopped off at Lower Falls, and heard Hawk far away...but..well...a poem:


Dust on all the lenses,
Batteries all low,
Across the Meadow, far away, Hawk calling.


Well, I'll have to fiddled with that....came back to the Cabin across the Creek...quiet...but glad to see the Creek after too many foreign vistas of the rideabout!....putzed about the web while batteries were recharging...cleaned lenses, watched TV....and finally made it out and about for the evening walk with all the gear....and a quiet walk, but Ouzel was singing at Creek's End...along with a dozen or more Mallards quacking......a fine didn't do much of Buzz Birds in Weldon...brb...looks like a go to place!

link of the day:

report too of AspenAndCottonwood calling before dawn 'talking for twenty minutes'...sunny warm now at almost Fall day!

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