Tuesday, July 11, 2017

OTI:eight poems and notes:7/11/17

Open To Interpretation

Are you your favorite
Avatar on stage?
And when I walked
Through your
Black glass doors
What game piece
Was handed me?
Some NPC?
Maybe truer we are
Inside than out.
Outside this game
Another iteration
We trace our selves
Along its paths
Only to return here
Where we both
Know who we are.


At the first carnival
Was the caterpillar.
Its skin covered us over
And on we went on
A train ride in a
Black countryside fantastically hilly.

Walk And Run

Why walk
When you can run?
Why talk
When you can sing?
Why thought
And not felt?
Why freeze
And not melt?


I remember the bear
That wasn't there
In the evergreen woods,
So well you teased me
With laughter's fear.


Some balloons
Escape from childhoods' hands
And never ever likely
Return where they began.


All things can be taken.
Is anyone ever skinless?
Then some numbed fish
I would be in a frozen sea.

Burn Out The Night

Leave off?
From writing poems?
For sleep?
I set the night shift to work.


Those ephemeral faeries
Inhabiting the Romantics'
Grottos and bowers
Garlanded with
Sierra meadow mountain flowers
All too small
To trouble pages of history
Or those crowned with destiny.


Notes:...preview of new movieJumanji2WelcomeToTheJungle2017 brought to mind avatars...becoming a character in a book is likely an old idea...don't know how old becoming a piece in a game...pieces in a video game was moviesTron1982,2010...but you were you looking like you...this new Jumanji has a twist on that!...anyway...NPC reference Non Playing Characters...and studying out NPCs I find from wiki that in the days of Dungeons and Dragons a player might be assigned to be an NPC...answer questions, further quest lines, give out loot and armor...NPCs do have useful things to do!...but in computer games they are all the computer's avatars...and not real...though they can be mistaken by beginners...I was running a cave early on in World of Warcraft, and another player, a pretty archer, started helping me out, and I thought, oh, a new friend...but no, an NPC...sometimes I still start up a toon just to run that cave and recall...the environment, the scenery and such, in the games are referred to as 'maps'...Caterpillar and Bear childhood memories...Burn Out The Night...reference again song by Blue Oyster Cult and the cover by STG...not a good title for this little poem, but...it's kind of like the archer in the cave, and the all night game playing...I really want to do some 'grottos and flowers' poems...just over the top lush like 17th and 18th century paintings by Delacroix, Fragonard, Watteau...and 'bower' brought to mind another bower poem that I spent a lot of time studying...even wrote up a Spark's/Cliff's like notes explanation of it...it has a dedication I hadn't taken much notice of...brb...


This Lime-tree Bower my Prison
[Addressed to Charles Lamb, of the India House, London]

Well, they are gone, and here must I remain,
...speaker is left behind like an NPC!...anyway, I took note of 'India House'...'oh, that's the East India Company'...Charles Lamb worked for the EIC for twenty five years, and his own life was a star crossed shambles, but he held on to poetry, and befriended many of the Romantic Era poets, STC one of his closest...and he wrote up a book, with his sister, (a curio!) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tales_from_Shakespeare, which I would like to get...seeing how Will is being worked into the Black Deck Tales...and from the movie previews, into a new series this Fall on TNT called 'Will'!!...go figure...local theater group is staging The Tempest beginning this week...a must go see...http://shakespeareoc.org/tempest/...movie previews were seen at the Regal where I saw yesterday evening movieSpiderManHomecoming2017...Peter Parker is trying to hook on with the Avengers...a kind of East India Company!...ral...


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