Monday, July 31, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:7/31/17

Open To Interpretation
Glass Ware

The still molten dragons said, "We're real!"
And flew to rest cooling upon glass shelves.
Frugal parents examine the deal--
Startle away their children's dreaming selves.

I thought, 'These things of glass too much aware!'
One with red horns and red wings flying near
With a ruby on a chain, says, "This share
With just that one you are holding most dear."

Inside their glass globes by their thatched homes' doors,
Villagers waving, hellos or warnings?
"These dragons that wait on these tiered glass floors
Will rise inviting your love lorn musings!"

In this crystal shop we shuffle with care,
Warning children not to break the glass ware.


Notes:  The Crystal Shop in the Park was where I did my first nightly stint in the workaday world...a summer position after high school...the task: buffing the floor with one of those easily wanton buffing machines...needless to say I was admonished not to crash into things...I must have appeared a klutz as next night I was put on fire hose duty, dragging them about as the nozzle holder washed down the walkways...failing at that, the next night I was put to polishing the brass poles on King Arthur's carousel...the morning of that night, I told my boss, 'I'm going to college, and I'd rather not'...and he thanked me for my forthrightness...a week or so later, a letter came saying I was accepted to work at the Pavilion, one of the, heck, I thought, that's what I wanted all along...I'd been hurried into the night job by someone who knew someone, and they had tried to help me out when I told them I'd applied at the Park...that graveyard isolation had given me pause...and leaving off had scotched the other opportunity...hmmph...but things worked out...later at the Park I was a happy clam driving forklifts and trucks...and later later, in the Valley working at Last Chance!, so yesterday I rolled over to the Park to look for a glass ball to use for crystal balls in the Magic Shop, which I find intellectually imposing...and none in the Crystal Shop that has shrunk down to a wisp of its former self...time was there was a pickle barrel there, and grab bag barrel, which we always grabbed from--inexpensive as they were...oh, and the glass artist with the torch is gone...and only a few glass critters on display yesterday...the dragons were really tiny, like half a thumb high...and it was Minnie by her thatched house waving inside a snow globe with no was too hot to walk about much, and having seen to my errand, I had tea and croissant in one of the Pavilions, and made my circuitous way back to the parking lot, and rolled over to Regal, and air conditioning to see's not a's a movie length music video...old songs from eighties mashed together...Major Tom, and 99 Luft Balloons, in German, being the favorites anyway...Charleze Feron in Wonder Woman grunge one review has it...typical cold war spy story with atypical music and doings...Charleze love interest, Sofia Boutella, an up and coming WW break dancer breaking bones and such, though not enough of Tom Cruise's in The Mummy...



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