Saturday, July 29, 2017

OTI:two poems and notes:7/29/17

Open To Interpretation

Crystal Balls

Oh, for these I need Elizabethans,
All of you to be as street wise groundlings,
William's unruly Globe's earthen floor fans,
A few of you candidates for hangings

From the balcony listening as dead
Moths in dusty cobwebs spider woven.
Attention!  Not some troll's sleep is needed
To catch understanding of their coven.

We will look into these clear crystal balls,
Things seemingly upside down suspended,
Spin gravity's profound before all falls
And our little round town all upended.

When on the stage all is bloody slaughter,
That crowd perforce finds rollicking laughter.

Even our worst nonsense has some sweet sense,
Our nothing our something, our not be, be,
Our tomorrow today, yesterday's fence.
Forgotten, remembered, we somehow see.

Interrogated unintelligence
To our arch enemies is always shown
Nary a loose word or unwary sentence.
To our dearest friends we are always known.

We browse between hard truth and easy lies,
Skittish as deer interrupted at play
When cockroaches they come creeping as spies.
They scurry away if we step their way.

When nothing is here, and nothing is there,
Truth stays filled empty with nothing to fear.


Notes:..(update:'To out dearest''To our dearest'...didn't catch that for awhile in my mantra reviews...'our' was original, and the error cast an unfortunate inference...hmmph...a debate if I should work 'out' in, as in "To out dearest friends we are an unknown"...or something...or..."To our dearest friends we are an unknown."...lines are mercurial, protean!)...I..I could likely explain these if I understood them myself!...which is kind of what they're about...especially Nonsense...poems have this trait of being sensible and insensible at the same time!...even when we think we have their meaning, they can elude us!...I took note on seeing some crystal ball photos that those ball lenses might be something for the upcoming eclipse...maybe, I thought, one could sight on the upside down reflection in the ball with a camera, and not be concerned about the sun's brightness...and so make a steady clip of the whole I thought to roll over to the Park and get one at the Crystal Shop, or maybe the Magic Shop...but it's too hot to go browsed amazon, and found one that all the reviews rave about, and took note that these balls come with a warning...don't put them out under direct sunlight...they can act like a magnifying glass and start a fire! much for my flight of fancy...which is still aloft...thought to use a round fish bowl...maybe I could darken the water...I was just gone on playing WoW, World of Warcraft, for awhile...hours and hours grinding out quests and such with my toons...not so gone as some...and it just came to me, that my internet browses and posts are the self same thing...hours and hours just gone...and it's hard to leave off, as one feels one will be left behind...and so doomed to go on!...I think the Globe had an 'earthen' floor...brb....


The pit has a concrete surface,[15] as opposed to earthen-ground covered with strewn rush from the original theatre.


and a curio, to me!, is that over all the Globe was a hexagon...see!...this is what happens playing WoW is continually diverted..and what is a marvel, is the game makers, the wiki posters, must live and breath these things!...oh, while waiting at the Laundromat, a cockroach approached...thought to squash it, but just pushed my foot its way, and it ran back under the wall whence it came...and I went back to poking at my iphone notepad, thinking, that kind of fits...the Globe could hold three thousand people...making it about the size of a large high school gym!



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