Tuesday, July 25, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:7/25/17

Open To Interpretation


Does nothing have your curiosity?
Designs have their Grand Divine designer.
I'm a detective with a mystery:
I'm a puzzle without a puzzler.

For you, evidence of love I present.
I already have some, you always say.
And with that hint, I'm put on the hot scent,
And before you my gift verses array.

It's your perfume, you know, your pheromone
That I followed along to your glass doors.
Like a pack of hounds my gifts howl, sweet moan,
Always losing you upon these dark moors.

To the bees their hexagons always sweet,
Filled with golden proofs, their Queen's entreat.


Notes: oh, an edit update: I hadn't had the syllables counted in some lines...fixed...and I thought the last two lines very weak, unrelated...until...


Benzene, the simplest aromatic compound with hexagonal shape.



hmmph...benzene, very toxic, but safely encased in compounds, is the basis in many perfumes and pheromones...something to do with its six sidedness...and...


I made a garland for her head,
       And bracelets too, and fragrant zone;
She looked at me as she did love,
       And made sweet moan
John Keats

MidnightMovie: "and it's another dystopian tale with Prometheus take"...from yesterday's note on movieWarForThePlanetOf The Apes2017...I keep seeing previews of movieBladeRunner20492017, and so thought I better watch movieBladeRunner20191982...hmmph...one would think that with sci fi authors meticulousness, they'd get the technological developments plausibly chronological...but what the heck, now everything is parallel universes or hologram decks or hallucinations, dreams, etc., so anything is plausible...but that is supposed to be the hallmark of 'hard' science fiction...see Hal Clement...anyway...I thought to watch the old Blade Runner so I wouldn't fall in the plot holes of the new Blade Runner!...and I can't recall seeing it before...are all these dystopian movies with Prometheus takes covers of Blade Runner!!??...back when this was made there were serial killers on the loose in the news, and the movies had that grunge...I think I have that word right...brb...yep, and together with film noir, there you have it...the music by Vangells a curio!...one is hopeful of movieChariotsOfFire1981 slowmo!...but the soundtrack backs the movie much as movieForbiddenPlanet1956's...I bought the collector's edition of that with Robi...it's still in the box unopened...that too, is a dystopian world...the Krell's worlds!...Mary Shelly, what have you wrought!...setting things far enough in the future for them to be plausible is such a simple thing...I mean, Star Wars is set in a another galaxy, far far away...what better way to avoid getting overrun by reality!...one of the most woefully plausible dystopian tales I ever came across was bookArmageddon 2419 A.D1928...at the time I read it I was studying out the Rainbow War Plans, and it looked to be full of self similar conjectures!...hmmph...Buck Roger's stuff...


Writing a science fiction story is fun, not work. ...the fun...lies in treating the whole thing as a game.... [T]he rules must be quite simple. They are; for the reader of a science-fiction story, they consist of finding as many as possible of the author's statements or implications which conflict with the facts as science currently understands them. For the author, the rule is to make as few such slips as he possibly can... Certain exceptions are made [e.g., to allow travel faster than the speed of light], but fair play demands that all such matters be mentioned as early as possible in the story...

Hal Clement





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