Tuesday, July 18, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:7/18/17

Open To Interpretation
So I'm a cat that chases the feather,
Or some labyrinth confounded mouse.
A dog looks for un-thrown bones forever,
A gullible claims love for Big Foot's blouse.

I know that, and I know you know that, too,
I know that you know that I know you know
We show we don't know what between me and you
Do know what we know we show we don't show.

Oh, I'm not sure you're sure you're sure you're sure
Where we are where we were we are where
I'm sure you're sure I'm not sure you're sure you're
Where we are sure we are not sure we're there!

Give me a daisy, I'll pluck its petals,
End these know don't know show no show nettles!
Notes: well, today was yesterday again...slept 'till 4pm...was up to 4am finishing the episodes of The White Queen...tale followed very closely the account at wiki's War of the Roses take...and The White Queen stayed true to seeing through the eyes of the girls the travails of Kingships...Game of Thrones does this too...the women have the best parts!...during the night in my sleep interruptions, I'll consider a dream, check my email, facebook, and the news...review my posts, and if a line of a poem occurs to me, I must write it right then...so the iphone notepad saves me...I can do all this in a sleep blurry moment...then curl up...so the gestation of a poem can be very spread out...it's a very odd routine!...not recommended!...here one draft...don't know but all free verse poems are drafts for rhyme metered poems!

So I'm a cat that chases the feather
Or some labyrinth confounded mouse
A dog looking for an unthrown bone
A gullable in love with Big Foot.

I know that, and I know you know that.
I know that you know that I know that you know that I know...
we show we don't know
As though nothing happened
Ever you know we show as though
Something happened we show as though...

Oh, I'm not sure your sure.
And your sure your sure
I'm not sure and not sure
Your sure I'm sure...

Give me a daisy and I'll pluck its petals
Then we'll know we know we don't know we know we know...
Show we don't show we show
We do we don't we do...


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