Sunday, July 9, 2017

OTI:three poems and notes:7/9/17

Open To Interpretation
Costume Change

Our algos conflict,
Messages blocked,
Our thoughts
Finger fight.
Maybe across
This crowded black room's
Crazily piercing lights
Shy semaphore eyes
Can transcend,
What we can
Only shout out over
Microphoned amplified
Wild wired drums,
Keyboards, guitars,
Cheering on
What we still have
To pound our hearts.
Algorithm acrobat
Somersaults and soars
Singing over all of us.

more With And Without

And a poem
Without a note
Is a foreground
Without a background
A stage
Without an elevation.


Are you ever
Gonna leave off equating?
What can I say,
I'm a mathematician
Inside a poet,
And didn't know it.

I doubt any sunflower
Gives a hoot about Fibonacci
Or the stars wonder
About their faraway-ness.
All that
Is for the mathematicians'
And star gazers'
Astronomical numbers.
I just bring flowers.

Oh! there it is,
The exemplar song
I tried to remember,
"Don't know much about history..."

Notes:  oh, I rolled over to the Wayfarer and found myself regaled with a MidnightMove...movieFastTimesAtRidgemountHigh1982 on the big screen behind the bar, and on either side in shadow box display a great many different liquor bottles, none of which I'm familiar with...had ordered a coke, and was perched on the long red bench, my feet dangling in air...and waited and waited watching the first band set up and test their instruments with the sound crew...well, just one crew looked to be trouble there was trouble for the first two bands on the bill before Kitten...much fussing with connections and such in the middle of the performance...lead singer for 'i'...gave up on his guitar for one song, and I had just thought, 'he should lose the guitar!'...and thought to inform a fellow standing beside me who said he was his father, or someone's in the band, that he looks better without the guitar!...and looks Hawai had...'they're cute'--Kitten...both Roah Summit and Hawai were all guy five member bands...both leads looked to be more in place on a baseball field...but they had pleasant and distinct character maybe they'll over come their own good looks...brb...links: Hawai...Roah Summit...both these websites are Kitten's...actually, hers needs help too...but she's was all I could do to remain cool seated on the red bench after her costume change...couldn't see through or over the gathered throng...the stage isn't elevated, or floor sloped like at the Regent and echoplex...finally caved, and stood to get a glimpse of Kitten's midriff along with a few other 'old farts'...good to see 'old farts like us here', the father had said...kinda creepy too! is one of life's little ironies that we all never graduate from Ridgemount of the Ridgemount actors looked familiar, but someone else, to one of the leads in movieThePacific2010 seen in an all night skip-through-the-mush viewing on amazon  Friday morning...another 'Bible Story'...and in its effort to be nitty gritty true to life, likely not far from the afternoon I was seated on the couches at a big bookstore, and over heard two Pacific veterans going on about night battles on the islands...all in sotto voice, so no one would over hear...there are things better left unsaid...but Hollywood has long gone past that mark...'Costume Change'...reference Kitten's white pantaloons and white top...she persuaded the keyboardist to doff his shirt, and this added to the show, done very well, and he had some acrobatics of his own...the acrobatics are scripted into the show...the interactions with the audience too...there's something to this...Kitten has been at the Wayfarer before, I gather, perusing earlier youTubes, and she wasn't as frenetic(oh, not so, having watched a couple more old clips :)...I don't know when her sing dancing took the shape it has now, but it is charming, having something of sufi divineness to it!...'finger fight'...the bartenders are quite adept at quickly hearing orders and mixing drinks, but it is  nothing to girls' fingers on cell phones...I had sat awhile at bar's end on a stool in everyone's way sipping a beer...'more With and Without'...that is what this note is!...ral...'I just bring flowers' is the same refrain as 'Don't know much about history'...spinning 'Equations' out, I finally remember the song I wanted to use as example of equations in love song lyrics...this all an observation not to be taken up as a cloying obsession!...oh, go to youTube and watch Miley in Malibu...Kitten's next show is in San Diego...go see and this will all make sense!...



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