Sunday, July 23, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:7/23/17

Open To Interpretation
Turtle Island
A stationary spinning desert place,
A turtled island with a single palm;
Musical waves carry the dolphins' grace,
Swimming by to the Star's, the Moon's, slow psalm.

Our ears can mend from raucous loud sounds lashed
Though they will ring constant awhile after
From cymbals and drumming that sang banged crashed
Our undersides with upended laughter.

Our tiny flappers print the morning sand,
Always maybe the seagulls' darts find us,
Interrupt our scrambling rush to wet land,
A startle some moment with panicked fuss.

Is there so much to know we fold legs in,
Never to explore, adventure again?


Notes: one can play cat's cradle by ones self, I recall reading...brb...watched a youTube..."cat's cradle solo" yes....and this afternoon it got into my head to think of each quatrain stanza as a cat's cradle design...begin with a 'loop of string', a conceit, and with the iambic pentameter, and the rhyme, give it a design...then on to the next, improvising another new design that somehow reinterprets the first...or something...jazz musicians do this when one player improvises a riff with their instrument, then another with theirs, and so on...and that works!...imagining things like string interlaced from one hand's fingers to another's helped! makes a game of things...and meter and rhymed poetry is, famously, thought to be game like...


Writing free verse is like playing tennis with the net down.--Robert Frost


reference Turtle Island...Gary Snyder has 'covers' of the term...too...reference movieRocky1976...we've all had pet turtle habitats...too, reference movieValerianAndTheCityOfAThousandPlanets2017!...I rolled over to AMC this evening to see it...much fun!...and much lifted from movieAvatar2009...a continued lifted cat's cradle design!...with lifts from Alice in Wonderland too to be sure!...


For today to have a future,
You must make peace with the past.--the tall thin alien in Valerian


hmmph...bit envious of that aphorism!...oh, I thought of one today...

If by my example, you do, or don't do,
Then everything I do
Must be in regards of you.

and that fits the movie!...consider Bubble and the playlist...maybe should be regard...leave off the 's'...or find a synonym!




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