Friday, July 28, 2017

OTI:two poems and notes:7/28/17

Open To Interpretation

What?  Again too full the ferry has left?
Here again on the stranded shore to wait.
Come here, Cerberus, we are friends bereft,
Your master too busy to walk your fate;

Mine is elsewhere and nowhere to be found.
Sit!  I see your collars, somewhere your leash.
I'll walk the walk with this three headed hound,
And make these fallen leaves wind feared rustle, 'sheesh...'

You all have a coin? Most bring too many,
And leave them with me.  No, I do not know. 
Whatever is over there is mystery.
Tomorrow is always another show.

Between the wires in No Man's Land dread,
Dog and I walk by with not one thing said.

Even for Hephaestus,
The Automaton adventure had been too much.
Learning has a hangover.
And the dread Petra had felt
Now became manifest
As before Nemo again
The crews gathered to hear his newest request.
"The Hexagons and Pentagons
Are imperiled on their far away world."
Said Nemo.
"Pardon our hesitation,"
Said Petra,
"Nemo Of Science,
But from your last rescue,
We all returned Technologicals.
Said Nemo with a shrug.
Said Petra,
"We are Biologicals."
"Your hands are still hands,"
Not Mechanicals."
Said Nemo.
Hephaestus looked at his hand
That Pet had crushed. 
He had made a prosthetic aid for it,
And tucked it behind him.
Who Knows Everything,"
Said Petra,
Walking up to Nemo,
Face to face,
Her arms akimbo, 
"You can be forgotten!"
With that the crews
And their Black Dragons
"To help the Pentagons and Hexagons,"
Said Nemo,
"Requires a BlackSpace Ship Captain.
And they are as finicky as Black Ships.
Only a Queen or a Princess will do."
Said Nemo.
"Petra, I need your interest,
Your curiosity;
Without your imagination
Black Ships don't sail,
Nor BlackSpace Ships."
"Sail where again?"
Said Petra,
"To another Technological tainted sea?"
Hephaestus approached
Black Dragon Pet beside Petra
And held out his hand.
"I forgot what this meant."
Said Hephaestus,
"What I fashioned for Greeks,
Greeks fashioned for themselves.
Remind me Pet,
Crush it again."
In a blink that was done
As Pet obliged.
And Hephaestus winced
With some regret.
"Truth is truth." Said Hephaestus.
"In short."
Said Petra,
And turned to Nemo, and said,
"Nemo Of So Many Trades,
We won't go."
"Not even to another star?"
Said Nemo
"What is there is there's
What is here is here's."
Said Petra.
Out in the Bay
The Island that is a
BlackSpace Ship
Began to stir.
"I promise,"
Said Nemo,
"No more Automatons,
No more Technologicals.
The Hexagons and Pentagons
Are Biologicals."
The Island That Is A Ship
Was phosphorescing,
Dark clouds gathering.
From the docked Black Ships
The Ravens and Gulls flew up
From the riggings into flocks.
Petra hopped up astride
Black Dragon Pet
And looked down at Nemo.
"Hold out your hand, 
Trader Of Worlds."
Said Petra.
Nemo thought long, hesitated,
Regarded Pet. 
Then held out his hand.
Petra reached down and shook it.
Said Petra,
And said to the Black Dragons,
Take us to that Island,
That BlackSpace Ship
Preparing to gallop."


Notes: 'Dog'...reference the River Styx...the ferryboat and the ferryman...bit vague who the persona is in the poem...and grim I thought, and with no note to go with it, but I noted it in reference to the movieDunkirk2017 previews I keep seeing, so rolled over to Regal Dunkirk!...the Greek's conceit of the River Styx has an undertone, if one considers the space between squared off contestants...the battle zone...No Man's Land, the desolation between the opposing trenches, was in a way, a River Styx streaming from Belgium to Switzerland...each side seeking to cross...Dunkirk really dotes on the long wide beaches thereabout...I suppose it is a 'true to life' movie, but the sound track isn't, and so over the top loud, and Vangellis again from Blade Runner...each movement of a ship, or plane, or drowning solider, paired with a sound, usually sticcatto violins!'s silly, skip it...go see Valerian...your welcome...'Deal'...straight ahead Black Deck Tales...maybe the end of Book 4...whole thing I have now like a too big glob of dough on the breadboard...need to work up things into their loafs...OCPC has found another venue...The Gypsy Den, where I went to hear the open mic guitarists...Tuesday seven to nine the time...oh, along with being lame, Hephaestus isn't very tall...and yes, a lift from Game of Thrones...ral...Dragon Queens are Dragon Queens, there, or here...



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