Wednesday, July 19, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:7/19/20

Open To Interpretation
Zombie Apocalypse

We need not go too far to see our fates.
Show me their weapons across the moats
And I can tell you their purposed hates:
Their two hands that carry can close our throats.

Over one follows one leads then follows
Climbing up long lines with double faced hooks.
This faerie castle inside its hollows
Can only defend with fantasy books.

Arrives the double bipolar terror,
Brains eyes ears arms hands shambling gripped madness,
As one with one we hold one another,
Await what those heartless can only guess.

Two by two can never make truly true
As one loving one with one times you.

Notes: there's some puns, there's a trick...reference 'truly true' back in poem Blue Sky...that just dropped in and made this work!...reference 'bipolar' if I even temper is often remarked on...oh, I go off, and on and on...but nothing like the truly the Valley, I had at least four roommates I recollect that regaled from the very first night about their has no notion of humanity until one is trapped with roommates...and seeing wiki's bipolar take, I wonder if that is all war is...combatants so totally depressed that they mutually agree to suicide...the unlucky ones being the survivors, who often self suicide anyway...the zombie phenomena in movies is a manifestation of collective bipolar depression...put that in your search engine and google it!...the early draft of this is very different...and it was from a refrain dream of the bipolar ghosts that bully my house is haunted...and those with such know who these ghosts are!'s only eleven thirty, and I was up early and almost today a normal day!...on call in radio a caller called in and regaled the talk hosts with a synopsis of Game of Thrones...the whole series! was hilarious, as the talk show hosts were incredulous, having never seen the show...'but it's 'deep', the caller said, 'it makes one think'...'bout bedpans and rape?' they laughed...just so...

I have never had to go far
To encounter our challenge
Show me each weapon
And I can tell you its purpose.
It's not like I make them
Or seen their pride first hand.

And its not their outward appearance
I know
Rather their shapeshifter disguises
A hair brush a tooth brush a brush for mustaches
Presented, Kim would tell the same.

Just so they have their golden threads
To things we commonly know
And just so we can cut them away with A scissors close by.

One cracked tall mirrors sharp edges
Handheld carried carefully outside to lean in the ivy trash hedges.

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