Sunday, July 16, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:7/16/17

Open To Interpretation

Can I link the sky, the moon, me and you?
And will such clues ever remain tied fast?
Will these lines spoken on Mars remain true?
Or inscribed in dystopian caves last?

On this traveling train's panes my head rests.
Rosy fingered Dawn takes up her crayons,
And I wake, look out, noting still dark nests,
My companions meeting Towns' offs and ons.

Imagine a ride to Salem's eclipse,
A starlight journey along wave worn coast,
And there on time for the apocalypse,
Or not: 'we were here', our souvenir boast.

Red ochre filled reeds we trumpeted through
Until our handprint flared outlines found you.


Notes:...well, I'm studying out the path the solar eclipse will take, and, not likely I'll get to it...Maya, my dog, and funds, and conflicting appointments, etc., being problematic...but I roll out always to see lunar eclipses...full solar eclipses have always been else ware, else when...but it will pass over Salem, Oregon, and Salem is on the route of the AMTRAC Starlight, which goes up the coast...maybe...a bounce up and back just to looksee!...or I could just put Maya in Silver, my jeep...a rollabout to daydream over!...they are finding more caves with long ago cave art, and some half away around the world from Spain and France, but with the same methodology...the artists would use hollow reeds, and puff pigments through them...and in both places are handprints made in this fashion...brb...


The paintings are remarkably similar around the world, with animals being common subjects that give the most impressive images. Humans mainly appear as images of hands, mostly hand stencils made by blowing pigment on a hand held to the wall.





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