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OTI:two poems and notes:7/8/17

Open To Interpretation
To the sailors,
They were four savages
With filed sharp savage teeth
Pearlescent in their mouths
Sometimes grinning
Sometimes laughing
Sometimes hidden
Behind dead serious demeanor
While the Play was the thing.
Upon gunpowder kegs they sat
In a place of honor upon the poop deck
Elevated over the crew
Below across the deck;
The healthy
Seated cross legged,
The scurvy made weak
Sprawled, supported
Half upright by the healthy
So all could see forward
The lamenting Ghost
Prowling an open deck space
Beneath the forecastle,
Prince Hamlet above
On his parapet
Looking about to fathom
The ghostly mystery
That brought knocking to his knees
Trembling to his hands
Temerity to his voice
Stark terror to the four
African chieftains from Sierra Leone.
The Indie ship Red Dragon's
Captain and First Mate,
Seated on their kegs,
Looked on the Africans
With amusement.
"Assure them,"
Said the Captain
To the Trader, their go between
For language,
"Assure them it is all but fantasy."
Persuaded but barely,
The four Chiefs smiled,
And soon caught on
To the Prince of Denmark's dilemma,
And saw that their backward hosts
Were not so different
But could use some counsel
On the assent of Kings.
That is very good!"
Translated the Trader.
"How so?"
Asked the Captain
Seeing all the Chiefs pointing
To starboard, out to the night sea.
"The giant squid!"
Said the Trader.
"God save us all!"
Said the Captain.
"That is no


The Giant Black Squid
Gathered up all it could,
Which for the most part,
The scurvy ridden
Too weak to move,
The Chiefs
Happy with the Play's animation
And unperturbed,
Tentacle lifted overboard,
And the players
Whose curiosity got the better
Of their feet's judgment
As from their forecastle vantage
They had seen
Nautilus surface beside
Indie ship Red Dragon.
The rest of the crew
Scrambled below decks
And battened the hatches.
The Giant Black Squid
Slipped softly back
Into the becalmed night dark sea.
Just as sudden
Had the commotion come upon
Things, things now were quiet.
The Captain and his officers
Were no more risen from their kegs
And pausing to consider
Than they were left with an
Empty deck,
Except for Nemo,
The disguised Trader, 
Who stood now on the deck,
Arms akimbo looking up
At the Captain.
"And who might you be,
Hamlet's father?"
Asked the Captain.
Nemo thought long on this,
But let it pass.
"I've pressed into my service
Some of your crew,
Those you likely won't miss,
Those sick, those actors,
Those strangers to you.
There was no time to dicker
But I have left in trade
Compensation on your starboard side.
I have it your new enterprise
Is in need of early success.
What is but ballast to me
You will find dear."
Said Nemo,
And Nemo pivoted and quickly
Returned to the Nautilus
Which was submerging
As the Captain and his officers
Reached the railing in pursuit.
"Another beast, Captain."
Said the Captain's First Mate.
"So it would seem."
Said the Captain.
And on seeing the left behind
Treasures in the left behind
Canoes of the Chiefs,
His First Mate asked,
"Is that all real!?"
The Captain smiled, said,
"There are more things
In heaven and earth..."


Notes:  There were too many ways to go with this! kind of took one of the easier ones...the story of the Chiefs was found in the Red Dragon story...that story of Hamlet being performed recorded in the Captain's diary, some think is a forgery...Thursday evening I rolled over to the Gypsy Den, 121 North Broadway about...they have an open mic night...very nice venue...a restaurant with light fare and drinks...had a turkey half a sandwich, soup, and my one beer, while listening to guitarist play their tunes and has a high ceiling, one of those makeovers of old downtown buildings...much like the restaurants around the Regent in Los Angeles, where about too restaurants and art venues are trying to make a go of things...walking about to find the place, I happened upon galleries and other bars and restaurants with entertainments and such...not many people about, so it is all very low key...I have to take the cameras along...they do have readings there too, but all that presented to the mic were the guitarists...maybe it is always the guitarists...maybe even with my messed up fingers I can strum a tune and make a song...must say of late I'm really leaning to poems being with music...very nice place, and expensive...handed a twenty to the waitress, and got 30 cents back!...and no ones in my wallet for tip, so tipped five...hmmph...and four for parking garage...the streets being clean and quiet at twilight and evening, it might be a good place to walk Maya my dog...not so many people and dogs about for her to go bananas over like at Mile Square, the Beach, or even hereabout in the neighborhood or going up West Street...and traffic goes slow...thereabout in Old Town Santa Ana, plenty for her to explore, and me too!...Oh...tomorrow night off to see Kitten again at club called The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa...this very close by!...Update 7/16...the Trader in the first was kind of awkward...light bulb!...that's Nemo! adjusted Nemo's appearance in the second part with:

Except for Nemo
The disguised Trader, 
Who stood now on the deck,
Arms akimbo looking up




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