Saturday, August 12, 2017

OTI:one poem and notes:8/12/17

Open To Interpretation
Straight Up
So, un-invited, I should not imbibe?
Tell me, Destiny, your black deck intact,
Should I offer your name, the doormen bribe?
I have few sails left to display such tact.

Woebegone I look, my book under arm,
In this crowded room that your looks command.
My appearance you think my show's worst harm;
My pages of rhyme in lowly demand.

At my table in this book fair's fable,
I continue head down on some new bit,
While the commotions' motion wobble
Carries them past without a rhyme to fit.

Okay, I'll look straight up, my book in view,
For those herding by to see me with you.

Notes:...reading about Charles Tennyson--Turner, I felt some a poet he was overshadowed by his more famous brother, Alfred Tennyson, and Charles brought some of that on himself by writing sonnets almost exclusively!...and then just up and quitting for a stretch of years...brb...


Charles (Tennyson) Turner was the sonnettomaniac's sonnettomaniac, his huge output of sonnets—342 of them in the posthumous Collected Sonnets Old and New brought out by his nephew Hallam Tennyson (1880), all now gathered by F. B. and M. Pinion in The Collected Sonnets of Charles (Tennyson) Turner1


...that site is called Project Muse, and one must join by subscription...would like to read Charles' whole story...thinking on it made me imagine what it was like at gatherings with his brother...and that the seed for Straight Up, but after drafts it came out much different!...wish I could find his sonnets...look again...brb...oh, this site, link, opens to pdf on the computer...problematic on my iphone...probably need an app for phones...I don't understand has all his poems with extensive intro...I posted his sonnet about meteors two posts back...there were three Tennyson brother poets...brb...Frederick Tennyson...hmmph...most of these old time poets were in circles, and that's how garnering editors' attentions came about...likely it is still so...the intro to Charles' poems has a bit on how booksellers could make or break a book, and author, by simply having it on the shelves or not, displayed prominently or not...likely that is still so!...oh...MidnightMovies...watched another 'atomic blondish' series called Hunted...I think Laura Croft Tomb Raider brought these all on!...and rolled over to Regal this evening and saw movieTheDarkTower2017...this has to be from a comic book, though it has Stephan King's 'brand''s another dystopian Zombie Apocalypse tale, and King rolled out eight novels in this tale's series probably as fast as Gunslinger reloads his antique colt 45s...Matthew McConaughey as villain talks his victims down, a word or gesture  at a time...kinda like his car commercials! lounge chair neighbor was snoring, shoes off...content with having found a cool air conditioned place to nap, I suspect!...




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