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OTI:two poems and notes:8/10/17

Open To Interpretation

But if I were a fish, oh wait, I am,
That aside, where else would I go swimming
With you even though you are all for slam
ing into the sea an Osprey diving?

Now they know how Bears wander collar tracked
Waking up from their snowy winter sleep
Looking all over, as I might, love lacked,
Bedeviled by the Ravens laughing deep.

Where else, really, can we ever chance meet?
When I swim, you would fly, if I fly, then,
Likewise, so our ever opposite feat;
Our elements with no shared solution.

Oh, flying fish leap and come aboard when
A hungry Dolphin the bow wave within.

Black Screens
The Giants' airplanes criss crossed the blue sky,
The Giants' ships littered paths on the sea,
And while the Millennium passed by
Birds ground fell, fish surface floated, care free.

And on the continents from oxygen
Filled caves inhabitants visited the
Surface suit protected from their Toxin
To gardens of cactus pested by 'huh?'.

Who in the world did everyone follow,
Mindless of Nature's befores and afters?
Well, they seized their day, diseased tomorrow,
And looked back, alack, from among the stars.

And the painful thing, the good recorded,
The virtual for the black screens' gathered.


Notes: oh, my eyes weary, tomorrow I'll recount the syllables...spelling in Spanish is easier as each letter is articulated when spoken...English is a guess, spelling for the photographic memoried!...anyway, I found a web site that had a forum just for could post up, and there was encouragement to share comments, so long as they weren't 'ad hominem'...brb...'against rather than for' I guess...the site is inside a site that provides the forum format...before I'd found a similar site for clubs, namely author want a club, you want a forum?...use this easy template...or so it goes...but the advertising just kills such...and the posts at the sonnet forum were far between...wondering where just to find other 'sonneteers' the seed for Aboard...and at that site was a sonnet by Shelly, a fine rant, and that was the seed for Black Screens...I wont link the site...the adds made my iphone go nuts...but try it with the second thought, don't, it's a mess...brb...

"Missing the Meteors"
A hint of rain--a touch of lazy doubt--
Sent me to bedward on that prime of nights,
When the air met and burst the aerolites,
Making the men stare and the children shout:
Why did no beam from all that rout and rush
Of darting meteors, pierce my drowsed head?
Strike on the portals of my sleep? and flush
My spirit through mine eyelids, in the stead
Of that poor vapid dream? My soul was pained,
My very soul, to have slept while others woke,
While little children their delight outspoke,
And in their eyes' small chambers entertained
Far notions of the Kosmos! I mistook
The purpose of that night--it had not rained.

--Charles Tennyson-Turner
from Basic Sonnet Forms from from writers exchange board
author explains the volta, the turn from one idea to another contrasting one...apparently this is a rigid rule like rhyming and meter...then again...that meteor poem was in the mix for Black Screens...and Shelly's...brb...


England in 1819
By Percy Bysshe Shelley 
An old, mad, blind, despised, and dying King;
Princes, the dregs of their dull race, who flow
Through public scorn,—mud from a muddy spring;
Rulers who neither see nor feel nor know,
But leechlike to their fainting country cling
Till they drop, blind in blood, without a blow.
A people starved and stabbed in th' untilled field;
An army, whom liberticide and prey
Makes as a two-edged sword to all who wield;
Golden and sanguine laws which tempt and slay;
Religion Christless, Godless—a book sealed;
A senate, Time’s worst statute, unrepealed—
Are graves from which a glorious Phantom may
Burst, to illumine our tempestuous day.
a fine rant!...

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