Monday, June 27, 2011

Blue Heron

Before the Allison Krauss concert yesterday, I walkedabout Caesar Chavez Park, which is at the Waterfront in front of the University, on University Street in fact, which I rolled up the hill on when time for the Concert, which needless to say, was the Park, near the end of the circuit I made, Blue Heron came flying low towards me on the Path...(earlier, I'd seen Heron at the Rip Rap Breakwater (pic for sometime)....on the small Hill thereabout, Kite Fliers...a new favorite pic!...Heron was intent on finding food in the Grass...earlier too, I'd seen Gopher Snake by the Path, and I think Heron was looking for Snakes...Snake pic for sometime, and Bird and scenic pics....and more report for sometime of a veryvery longlong day!!....hereabout today, Merced is lowering slowly, but I think High Water has the Concert, report of Condors over Golf Course in San Jose....and while at the Entrance, in line with the other concert goers, Hawk, Red Shoulder, calling, from Tree Tops across the Road...and later too, just before the Music....

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