Monday, June 27, 2011

Western Wallflower

Out and about early for a roll down the hill to Town on shopping errands...just past Catheys Valley, Two Hawks on Windmill...wanted to stop, but traffic behind, and no turn out, and..well, just a mind's eye pic!....and no pics from this morning...after shopping, thought to go to MWR, but just too hot...even for return on Osprey Road....did stop at Happy Burger for tuna and salad and coffee...I'm still sleepy from being a concert goer!...when I got to Oakland, I had like five hours before time, and thought to have a try at locating the Golden Gate Park Owls..I know San Francisco's layout a little bit, and after the travail of crossing the Bay Bridge, I found Geary St. and rolled out towards the Pacific, thinking to find Hwy. One showed One goes right by Strawberry Hill...but signage of Northern California held true, and I missed the turn...glimpsed the Ocean just a bit, and made a left turn on street that took me to the Park...and up Fulton to a crossover street, and, after checking the map carefully, and counting streets numbers, found One, which is called Presidio, or something, and, and, was much dismayed--no where to Park!..."It's just like the Valley, the whole Town!', I said, relating all this to friend....a walkabout GGP is really on my to do list...anyway, now I know my way around more places, and an early morning arrival a necessity to find Owls, and a place to park!!...oh...the Western Wallflower pic is of Wallflowers on 120 just a bit before Crane Flat...I've passed the Wallflowers several times, meaning to get a pic, and on return from Solstice rollaround, I pulled over....there are still a lot of Flowers in the Merced Canyon, but I haven't been getting Flower pics...a bit remiss...there's a kinda of enertia once rolling in Silver, not unlike when I hike..once I get going, I just dont stop...anyway...oh...on return, saw a White Dove! fluttering over the Road at Bridal Veil Falls...did pull over to try for pic, but no luck, and overheard, I think, someone say a wedding party had brought along of Bridal Veil, which is a very difficult Fall to get a good pic of!...sunny blueblue hot....curious to know how the Wallflower got its name..brb...quote: "and they are often grown successfully in loose wall mortar, hence the vernacular name. "...hmmph, thought maybe, well, it's a name I often identify with!!....after Dinner at Last Chance (on my days off, Lunch time becomes Dinner time), returned to the cabin along the Path...lots of Birds flycatching...Tanagers, Grosbeaks, Robins, Juncos, Phoebe, and Vireo, I think...small dusty Yellow Bird....walked back out to the Creek, and Junco Pair click click clicked at me--must be Nest nearby!....Water too high for walk out to Creek's glad when the Water goes down...enough's enough!!

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