Monday, June 6, 2011

White Faced Ibis

Out and about early....paddled out to Bobcat Meadow, little late for the Chorus, and another morning-after-rain...Song Sparrow clip by the Azalea Bushes, which have just started to bud and bloom...crossed the Road thereabout, and was returning through the Oak Grove, when I sighted Big Wings flying from all the way over by the Merced towards me...thought maybe Owl (sighted with binocs a bit before), but flight was settings all wrong for flight pic, and hurried to reset....was able to get a few farfar away low light pics of Big Wings, White Faced Ibis!!...very cool...web report of Ibis out in El Cap Meadow several weeks ago, and said to be first sighting of Ibis in the Park...lost sight, and made another circuit of the Meadow, but no luck, and very curious as to where Ibis flew off to...would like very much to get good pics...returned to the Cabin....Tanager Nest peeping when I left, and when I walked by going back, but I can't sight it...might be on the top of a Broken Branch in the Broadleaf Maple...Breakfast at Last Chance, and a nap...late Lunch snack, and geared up, and rolled in Silver up to Glacier Point Road...thought to walk out one of the Rim Trails, but Roadsides Snow Covered!!...lots of Snow still on shaded continued to Glacier Point...friend who works thereabout, reported Mount Hoffman covered with deep Snow...Clouds moving across the High Country, and about Half Dome....scenic pics...clips of Golden Mantle Squirrel, and Bird I need to id...Clouds cleared in the distance for a moment, and some Hoffman pics for sometime....on return, parked at Bobcat Meadow...Mallards, and Mallardlings at the Ponds, thick with Grasses now...whole Valley is very green, and others, not just myself, are noting the thickness of the Leaves....visited Owl...Sentinel off somewhere, but Owlet on the Nest...short clip, in very low light, of Owlet, back turned...reports have it that there are Two Owlets...cloudy, almost clearing sometime, cool...

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