Wednesday, June 1, 2011


At Lunch: Just across the Road outside Last Chance, sighted Tanager hopping about an Alder Sapling...not often I see Tanager so have been more, but tourist happened along, and apologized...I pointed out the Yellow Rump Warbler Flock just across the Road...continued to Sandpiper Beach and sat awhile on Ozone Boulder...Junco, Song Sparrow, Mallard, Sandpiper, Robin, Acorn Woodpecker, about....sprinkles, cloudy, warm...Merced is staying pretty much within it's Banks...oh..Tanager listened to the camera clikclikclik, turning this way and that....

Oh, Tanager hears
The camera clik clik clik
Head turning, posing

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shadow*jewels said...

Wow. Gorgeous shots!