Thursday, June 9, 2011


Late morning, skipped Breakfast, and paddled over to the Village, with a stop and looksee at the luck, but friends thereabout reported Owlet out on a Branch earlier...bit disappointed, and continued...Mallardlings at the Lily Pad Pond, and further along at the Azalea Pond...Female Tanager near the Oak With The Branch That Arches Over Swallowtail fluttering about....returned through the Oak Grove....sunny blueblue Lunch: last Evening, while sighting Owlet sleeping, the Mosquito's attacked me in's the time of season when the Lunch walks and sit awhiles become mosquito problematic!!...I thought on this at work, and got to wondering if in the little time for lunch, I could get out to the Nest, take a clip, and get back in time...with the help of my bicycle, that's just what I did!!..and Owlet was out on the Branch!!.....very cool....and a new favorite pic...and only a couple bites...Mama Doe and Fawn in the Lower Falls Mini Meadow as I peddled by....friends reported that a Weasel has been sighted in Bobcat Meadow....and report of Deer out in Two Top Pine Meadow...another friend has now six pics or so on his film camera, Bobcat, and tonight, Deer, and maybe, someyear, these will be developed!

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