Monday, June 13, 2011

Merganserlings Four

At Lunch: Violet Green Swallows over the Path, and on the Ground beside it, so sat awhile thereabout...tried for pics, and tired to swat Mosquitoes away--not much luck!...with a little time, continued to Sandpiper Beach...Water level much like the last two or three days...and over by Ozone Boulder, sighted Mama Merganser and Four Merganserlings..pic and clip up....sunny blueblue clear for Moonlight Green Dragon Ride tonight, warmer....clip is very near same time same place as Yesteryear's clips of Merganserlings at Sandpiper Beach.....and first Merganserlings I've seen this Season in the Valley....Mergansers are at Merced Falls...think I reported that from one or two visits thereabout...Swallows may have been after Termite Ants, which in their turn, are after some of the Roof Rafters at Last Chance!

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