Monday, June 6, 2011


Out and about before Sunrise....Deer in Bobcat and clips for sometime...following Deer, happened on and clips...left off from Owl when photogs started to arrive in the Meadow...some photogs were photographing Deer on the Path, and I diverted all the way around the Meadow, and back through the Oak Grove...more Deer, and scenic pics...nearing the Cabin, sighted Tanagers, and heard Tanager Chics in Nest...clip for sometime...more Deer behind the to Last Chance for Breakfast...returned to Cabin and napped until worktime...rained last night, clearing in the morning, clouded over again in the afternoon, and more rain Lunch: sat awhile at Sandpiper Beach...Six Male Mallards by the Boulders, and Mama Mallard with Two Mallardlings at the and clips for sometime...oh, a long Day!...but a great Morning to see Owl, and hear report that Sentinel has Nest with Owlet!! of Bear at the Burnt Forest....oh...while doing clip with the newer camera, I can adjust the shutter speed, and I'm scratching my head as to how I missed this all this time!!...clips in very low light are possible...

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