Friday, June 24, 2011

no pics today

Out and about at Sunrise...paddled over to Two Top Pine Meadow...Water as high as yesterday....looking about, it looked like I could reach a vantage to take a reflection pic of Two Top Pine from the edge of the Burnt Forest....was wearing the flip flops, rolled up my levis, and managed to reach a spot with only a few Brier Berry cuts, and Pants still while returning back on the Wide Asphalt, sighted Mama Mallard with Two Mallardlings...another foray into the Forest, and didn't roll Pants up!....farfar away pics....and then sighted Mama Merganser with Seven or Eight Merganserlings...farfar away pics and clips...different Merganser Family than Mergansers at Sandpiper Beach a few days ago....wish I had the tripod along, Merganserlings were competing for piggy back rides on Mama Merganser's short faraway clip of this for sometime...dont know but tomorrow I'll fore go the concert trip (four hundred miles about round trip costs in gas what I paid for the ticket, and I lose a day's pay taking the day off, and then there's food and a souvenir, and if I stay overnight (I have to be back to work Sunday), a whopping hotel bill, and it's a really longlong ride!...hmmph...anyway), and lookabout the Meadow until I see the Mergansers....there are very cool pics to take with the Water among the Pines and such.....sunny blueblue hot....

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