Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mallards And Redwing

After early Breakfast, paddled out to Bobcat Meadow...oh..first over to Sandpiper Beach, and to Two Top Pine Meadow--a High Water looksee!....Water over almost all the Path at Two a wide River...well, it is a Wide Merced!...and while it doesn't likely get deeper than thigh high to Swinging Bridge, that's too high!...Water is cold and swift, and I think I've read flooding just over your ankles can take your feet out from under you...anyway, I made a tentative wade last year, and thought better of it, and this morning thought to go to Bobcat Meadow for a looksee at the Water....thereabout, the Grasses are so high now it's hard to tell how much of the Meadow is flooded...some Water over the Boardwalk at the Lily Pad Sentinel Parking, Mallards and Mallardlings started coming out of the Grasses, disturbing the Reflections thereabout, and the photogs, who all picked up...I sat awhile on the Split Rail Fence, and the Mallards all came into view...Mama Mallard and Ten, and Mama Mallard and and clips...picked up, and just the other side of the Artists' Grove, Redwing fluttered around my head, upset likely with Nest nearby...tried for pics....did get pics when Redwing lighted on one of the remaining Little Pines--a favorite Redwing perch too! up....sunny blueblue hot (didn't seem so hot as yesterday, nor as crowded!)...well, I dont know what's become of the Owlet hereabout....the other day, I watched Blue Jays fighting with Ravens behind the Cabin, and at the Nest under the Eaves at Last Chance, with a sense of dread--Ravens rob nests...Jays do too...sister reports Scrub Jay robbing another Scrub Jay Nest, and trying to track that out with searches, happened on current web report of Owls at Strawberry Hill in SF Park....I...I have ticket to Allison Krause evening concert in Berkeley sat nite, and...well,if I leave here around two am, I should reach Golden Gate Part at Sunrise...and hear the Fledglings...which wold be very cool....and a long Saturday...and it's late again!....I napped after the morning walk until work time, and counted up the number of sleep hours, which seemed enough, but it's not when the 'sleep shift' is split!!...hmmph...

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