Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moonbow Falls

After Breakfast, rolled out in Silver as far as the Roadblock on Tioga....discovered at Crane Flat that indeed Tioga was open to Olmstead Point, but for Bicycles!...which is very cool, and next year, I take a Bike up...returned to Big Oak Road Trail Head, where I had stopped earlier....oh..and I almost continued to Hetch Hetchy, but the high Water in the Valley drew me Big Meadow, went down the Road thereabout a little ways, and basked in the purple Lupine...lots of Flowers blooming, and a hike up the Trail thought on, but too hot...returned, and met traffic jam just past the Tunnels--Road work...and once in the Valley, napped at the Cabin....out and about in the afternoon, and peddled over to Siberia...bought new boots...and at Dinner thereabout, persuaded friend to try and get some Moonbow pics...and together around ten, we set up where I was Last Night...Last Night's spot taken, but to the right another spot....tourists thereabout patiently waiting, and much disappointed when the Bow began to appear, tourists didn't know that Moonbows are hard to see even close up, and where we were was a farfar away view...only way to see Moonbows is with the long exposure that cameras can do, and our eyes cant!....Moonbow not quite as distinct as Last Night, and friend a bit disappointed too!....'there will be another Bow tomorrow!'...I think....there are so many places to view the Falls, one cant be sure which will be the best....returned friend to Siberia, and myself to the Cabin...photog out front, and took some more pics out front my own self too....Bow was at the Cascades...pic up...and bit of hour earlier Bow was at the Cascades from the Vantage at the right of Swinging Bridge....left off, tired and hungry....put two pics up to the Blog, then went out to get snacks...photog still about, and Bow in same place...this almost a half hour later....more puzzle!...then I looked at the Moon, and an old memory came day going by Lower Falls I saw a Rainbow at around Noontime, and noting where the Winter Sun was, thought that when the Moon was there, there should be a Moonbow...well, the Moon was there tonight, and I scurried over to Lower Falls where the Promenade begins, and took the pic up....very cool....sunny blueblue hot, water high...for sometime, a few pics from Big Meadow....for now, sleepy, but the midday nap helped!!

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