Sunday, June 5, 2011


Out and about before Sunrise...tried to get a Dawn Chorus clip...sat at the Picnic Bench out in Bobcat Meadow...the Bench looks to be a 'bone of contention'...usually it's up at the Deer House, but gets moved out to the Path T Intersection, then returned to the Deer House....every five minutes or so I'd take a few seconds of video...nearly all the snippets, which I intended to link together, are pitch black...newer camera isn't good at this, or I'm doing something wrong....the point and shoots used to do this, this being a gradation of darkness to sunrise, with the increase of Bird calls...those I did get...anyway, I'll have to try again...use the 50 mm 1.8 lens maybe...while it was still dark, I turned back from looking behind me to see Fawn looking at me from just a few feet away...flash pic..Fawn was curious to know just what sort of critter I was!...Mama Doe came along, and Deer walked over to Chapel Bridge...when there was light to see, Owl swooped down from a Tall Pine to the Meadow...a silent swoop, as Owls do!...with empty Claws, Owl flew over to the Deer House Oaks, and perched awhile...faraway pics, not enough light, though it seems I would have gotten that pic with the digi...anyway...picked up and returned to the Cabin, and napped until worktime....overcast in the morning, drizzly all afternoon, and tonight Falls are very loud, so much rain maybe in the high country, Lunch: sat awhile at Sandpiper Beach...Six Deer at Cottonwood Bend...Does and Fawns I of Seven Bucks out in Two Top Pine Meadow...Sandpipers, Junco, Song Sparrow, Raven, Mallard, Robin, the Morning, first calls seemed to be chirping Grosbeaks, then Song Sparrows, and Robins...Redwings, Mallard, and lots of Violet Green Swallows...very late, Acorn Woodpecker...and I didn't hear Blue Jay, but left off around five thirty (saw Blue Jay on return by Lower Falls)....oh...pic and clip up from rollaround on Tuesday...

Before Dawn, Fawn sees
Maybe me, or something, there
On the Picnic Bench

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