Thursday, August 18, 2016

OTI:five poems, notes, one illustration:8/18/16

Open To Interpretation


Arrives in the morning
With the sun rise,
At night it was for others.
Daylight your shift begins.


I'm not alone
In the sense of being unique,
I mean,
You know,
Uniquely alone?
That I'm not
So I'm not

Dragon Song

Stick by stick
We build our nests
Twig by twig
To impress our guests
A treasure here
A treasure there
To show how much we care
Our angels sing
Our angels dance
And celebrate our romance.

Dragon Song 2

Dread the night
The dark with no light
With eyes to see
You weren't meant blind to be.

Dragon Dreams

Dragons dream dragon dreams
Clouds made in imagination's glade
Flowers crowd a mottled shroud
Over mountain meadows
Waterfalls fountain
Roaring descending
Dragons dream unending.


Notes: Fear...ah, hmm, thinking it's like an addict admitting addiction...some ever present underlying menace...hmmph...Alone...I studiously avoid abstractions...words like love, hate, fear, alone, loneliness...all good words, but very hard to make concrete...what's the antonym of abstract?...brb...oh..'real'...concrete to like cement...but here I go on about 'alone'...Dragon Song...the dragon nests of Never...Dragon Song 2...the Dragons of the  Southern Dragon Flight have this inordinate fear of darkness, blindness...they obsess easy...Dragon Dreams...and they're only peace is when they dream, and sleep...Illustration...pen and ink sketch on blue paper...



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