Monday, August 15, 2016

OTI:four poems, notes, one illustration:8/15/16

Open To Interpretation


Maya, my dog, beside me
Chewing her plastic bone,
While I puzzle my jig saw puzzle.
They're good for our teeth.

Cargo Cults

Oh, it's hard to accept,
History a parade of cargo cults,
And nothing's flown over,

St. Augustine Of Hippo

Well, Dickens,
You went and did it,
Overlaid your Tale Of Two Cities
On St. Augustine's
City Of God
And City Of Man.
You know why he wrote that,
To refute the blame laid at the feet
Of the Christians by the Pagans
For the fall of Rome to the Visigoths.
Pagans sprung up again in your time,
Being as the Terror in Paris
Was distracting everyone.
Opportunistic, Pagans are,
And still about,
Kind of like the Moon.


Bears are friendly.
Rangers say otherwise,
People are friendly,
Some say some
Are otherwise.
And if Bears
Had Bear Rangers,
They'd agree.


Notes: Teeth...Maya, my dog, is beside me now when I putter on the porch, sorta...I have one end of the bunk beds screened with a side of the dog cage I took apart, and between the bunk bed and the wall, the porch is a narrow room, I have the Maya can't get at me...the lower bunk has a plywood flooring that Maya can rest on, and see me fine...and through the glass doors she can see into the living room, and the new arrival's comings and goings, and their three cats, and fish...the empty back bedroom is now occupied by my grand niece...and pretty much the rest of the house as well!...she brought along furniture, so inside the house looks fine now...and I finally finished sanding and staining the wood floor in the back bedroom...and her boyfriend has a way with dogs, and familiar with dog training, and is taking Maya for walks...I try, but I'm still her chew toy...have taken to wearing rubber rain boots, and welders gloves...they work well...and I think, and hope, she's beginning to forget about my ankles and hands...she has forgotten about chewing on the house, and content with toys I get for her...Cargo Cults...wrote that one so I can write a note to it...I found something, and going to look this up right now...brb...


The qawls are full of cryptic allusions and usually need to be accompanied by čirōks or 'stories' that explain their context.


hmmph...the Yazidis have these qawls (a fine scrabble word!), characterized as hymns, which have been orally passed down to this day, but are now being written down, which is turning their religion into a scriptural religion...join the crowd!...and they also have a Black Book!...and a Black Mountain!...the book may be a modern tourist guide sort of thing...and they have reverence for an angel, the Peacock Angel, that gets mistaken for Satan by's complicated...I'm guessing the Peacock Angel is the Sufi's Khidir...brb...but I don't think anyone else has come to that...I was reading wiki's take on the Manicheans, and in the 'related' list, I saw Yazidi, and clicked on it, recalling their travails in the current war...St. Augustine of Hippo...and I was reading wiki's take on St. Augustine before, and took note he started out as a Manichean...and he must have been friends with Symmachus, who I wrote up yesterday...and Symmachus was a Rome, Symmachus became Augustine's benefactor...both were from Roman the time of the Fall of Rome, the city, to the Visigoths, St. Augustine converts to Christianity, and writes up the City of God...a 22 book defense, and explanation of what the Catholic Church was about...and it's complicated...the Christians were blaming the Pagans, and the Pagans were blaming the Christians, for the sacking of Rome...Theodosius became emperor, and the aristocracy fell in line, pretty much, converting to's very complicated!...right away, I took note of the two cities St. Augustine imagined, and thought, oh, that's Dickens' Tale of Two Cities...others have noted this too...and it gets even more complicated as one follows Augustine's tenants through Europe's travails, right up to today...hmmph...Friendly...on facebook, was a clip of a family in a European campground, and Bear comes out of the woods and joins first they are standoffish, but after a bit, it becomes a picnic for Bear and Family!...and I was punked...the Bear is domesticated, the family Russian...Illustration...I made up this little peace dove...instructor I think thought I ripped off Picasso...but's original...and I drew it often as a 'stamp'...I should get a stamp...or an embossing tool with it...



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