Friday, August 19, 2016

OTI:four poems, notes, one illustration:8/19/16

Open To Interpretation


I hate my mind's twilights,
To awake with a lingering dream,
Or when thought makes sleep distant seem.

Sparrow's Song

A few more stories
More or less:
A sparrow's song,
Like a hummingbird,
Seldom rests.


Polygons grow
From line to line
One, Two, Three,
Triangularly, and on.
Communities just so
Though large ones
I decline to know.
Too many sided,
Things become misshapen.
A band of two, three
Or four,
Five, maybe six,
No more.  Paired,
Triangle, Square,
Pentagon, Hexagon,
Those sides I can connect
And hear.

...and found

...and found a place on the shores of Nevermore
that between its scalloped cliffs and rock
had a sand beach to put ashore the slender craft...


Notes: Twilights...oh, 'hate' is too strong a word, and curious as to what a dream I had was about, 'lingering' is probably my fault!...reference the Ladyhawke tale...not sure why...Sparrow's Song...thought to check on just how notable sparrow singing searched: sparrow song poem...and found The Song-Sparrow Poem by Philip Henry Savage...and then found an edited collection of his poems, that has an eloquent biography by Daniel Grabriel Mason, who was a composer, and his friend...and this reminds me of Dana's introduction to Allston's poems...and thinking on this, as I do, I'm seeing a chorus going on about an actor's lines, or a qawl with notes!...that's kind of how things are!...there's a poem, event, incident, story, and such, and then there's all the gossip...along with the gas stations video footage!...anyway, the old Greeks had it right to have a chorus in their dramas...Polygons...reference the new marriage arrangements...


"Geometric" configurations, which are described by the number of people involved and their relationship connections. Examples include "triads" and "quads", along with "V" (or "Vee") and "N" geometries. (See: Terminology within polyamory.)


...sometimes one happens on a notion and it just hangs around!...and Found...a handhold reach for the Black Ship tale...I have to write these down, or I lose them...a idea sketch for a class project...I made illustrations for Put Up A Parking Lot/Big Yellow Taxi  by Joni Mitchell...this was for the laughing at the end of the song...ral!...



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