Saturday, August 20, 2016

OTI:two poems, notes, one illustration:8/20/16

Open To Interpretation


I'm your specimen
With your knife again
You've gone too far again
Took my heart again
I'm your specimen.

I'm your alien
Through your door a sin
When I look a sin
All I say a sin
I'm your alien.

I'm so reptilian
I'm like a snake skin
Claws and scaly skin
Tear at your skin
I'm so reptilian.

I'm your not again
Don't come around again
Don't ever call again
Don't even wave again
I'm your not again.

You're so reptilian
Like some alien
Like some evil sin
Looking for a specimen
Maybe me again
Maybe we again.


I struggle through,
And nearly near you,
But stopped at the stoplight
Waiting for sirens to go through.
I follow, surprised
We both arrive at your door...
I'll come back tomorrow.


Notes:....Specimen...Poe's eyebrows raised..."wth?!"...I might be able to work it into another Dragon it happened...19th century meter and rhyming didn't go writers continue to this poetry the 20th century made meter and rhyme passé in poems....though done, it always looks archaic...songwriters too can make, and have made, meter and rhyme passé in their songs...but show me one such that has ten million youtube hits!...Illustration...for a final in our life drawing classes we were to make up a knight...idea being to put armor on a figure, which was kind of a relief to do!...this was a preliminary sketch, all from imagination...eventually it became a full pastel in color, but I never did get her left arm right...



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