Tuesday, August 30, 2016

OTI:one poem and notes:8/30/16

Open To Interpretation


The Dark Red Stage,
The stone disc at the center of Origin,
Mirrored the spiraling pillars to the crater's rim
With bowl like dimpled depressions over its surface,
And into each of these,
Fledgling Dragons
Carefully placed Nemo's treasures.
Finished, the Stage glittered with gold and silver and gems.
Onyx, Black Dragons all take names from treasured gems,
Loomed over Nemo...
"Have I your approval?" asked Nemo.
"Yes, surely, the Ceremony of the Midnight Sun will be a grand success!" said Onyx.
"And you understand?" Nemo enquired.
"As to the rest..." Onyx hesitated.
"Yes..." Nemo prodded.
"We have it that we declare war on the Southern Dragon Flight...afraid of certain defeat, they will sue for peace...and we offer in trade for peace that they give us your daughter...and we return your daughter to you in exchange for the treasures you brought."
"You have it exactly!" said Nemo.
"One more thing..." said Onyx..."Your daughter remains with us to sing at the Midnight Sun, afterwards she joins you."
This was more than Nemo bargained for...
"And another thing..." added Onyx,  "you and your crew assist in the capture of Dulcinea....we met defeat in battle with the Black Ship..."
'I dealt Dulcinea to the Southern Flight....some arrangement can be made, similar to the one with my daughter." explained Nemo.
"The Black Ship?" speculated Onyx.
"Not a problem...without Dulcinea, the Liz is adrift, and will be nowhere near the Southern Reach." said Nemo.
Onyx ruffled his wings, lost in thought.
"Deal?" said Nemo.
Onyx looked over the glittering treasures on the Dark Red Stage, imagined Maya singing at the Midnight Sun...a duet with Dulcinea...stretched out his wings, belched flame and smoke...


Notes:...hmmph...a morning at the smog place after replacing the kitchen faucet, and then return to DMV...it is too hot to stand in lines and wait!...and back and forth for plumbing parts...and...success...title transfer made, and I put a utility faucet, cheap!, with a threaded spout in the kitchen so I can run hot/warm water through a hose out to the niche beside the porch, which I'm going to fence in with gate, and thereabout I can contain Maya, my dog,  while I give her a bath!...she can sing, once I heard her howl to the sirens...



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