Tuesday, August 9, 2016

OTI:one poem, notes, and five illustrations:8/9/16

Open To Interpretation


Oh, I have had to walk a ways again
To hear your song
Low high low
Once again
My plaintive footsteps have never been too strong
Persistence brings me to your song
Somewhere you are with the soft wind roar
River flowing in the pine tree tops
I look for you
Oh, dont go
Don't go
Oh, I'll find you again.



Notes:  ...from an old notebook...low high low are the notes I remember...seemed the same in the Sierra too...checked Cornell's bird page, and different tunes a bit...that date may be the last time I was in Idyllwild...it's just an eighty mile drive away or so...but the summer heat and crowds...and Silver, my jeep's, death wobble (messed up front end suspension on these model jeeps), makes me hesitate to go...and have to get an Adventure Pass now to park at Humber Park...thought was to take along Maya, my dog, but she's too wild, and feel remiss to leave her behind...hmmph...and here's five illustrations from my life drawing class, 2003...keep in mind I was a student!...proportions and  such are off...but in those classes it was a bold thing to do pen ink with brush wash, and include the model's head!...I was studying the old masters like Tiepolo...when drawing the human figure there are like landmarks where underlying bones show...and tendons like the two big ones on our necks...one needs to know where those are in relation to everything...and I had reached the point where I almost had that, and it was the last hoop to leap through really...I just needed to go to the anatomy illustrations and memorize by rote all the bones, tendons, and muscles...and then I should be able to draw people, and animals, from just my imagination...though one can never get the expressiveness of live models, especially facial expression...poses were like ten, fifteen minutes long...so a panic all the time to handle the pen and the brush, or charcoals/chalks...in life drawing, one is never 'slack', lazy...the model is working too hard to sit still, and out of respect for that, and just the model's effort, one does their best...the 8 x 10 card stock has gotten wrinkled, but for sometime, I'll try to frame them together...a souvenir...



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