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OTI:two poems, notes, one illustration:8/21/16

Open To Interpretation


I'm here because of you
You're here because of me
In general
And particular
I mean
The likes of you
The likes of me
Make this place eternally
Where I am because of me
Where you are because of you
Because of them being them
We being us
Our history our future
In general and particular
Continue must.


An elephant on the drum
Tum tum ti tum



Notes:...hmmph...have to figure this one out my own self...reference song We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel...brb...oh, I forgot...Joel's is an American Pie by John McClean like listing...I was just thinking of the chorus...oh, and it has 'on and on and on', which Journey has in Don't Stop Believing...'like a movie it goes on and on'...and, and I was going to post them up...I happened on an old 'listing' in my sorting storage boxes...I'm not sure what to do with my old poems...reading them makes me blush and sweat!...current ones should too, I guess, but I've found the brashness to continue!...and I did back then too...this would be '91 about...I saved some of my old GEnie bulletin board posts, some printed, some on the floppy discs...have to fire up the old mac plus to see those!...oh, I found my receipt for that purchase...over 3,000 dollars at the time, '86?...included I think a laser printer, and software...oh, I can remember in detail, setting up on the little wooden table with folding leaves that was on the porch, putting in the guided tour disc...'What's he doing?'...He's got a computer...'He's gone crazy.'....I hadn't gone, I was!...In and out of the Apple Store (very exclusive), I overheard about modems...'What's that?'...and purchased one...'Just one other on your street!'...Thinking back, I wonder how they knew that?...anyway, I found GEnie, it was free, and the little modem sound became a familiarity...and I realized, right away, the lazer printer was superfluous!...I found the Writer'sInk roundtable...everything was divided into 'roundtables', and it was just text...though one could upload homemade software...'HyperCard city'...I was a novice...still am...and precocious!...after a couple years of posting and reading, and making my own topics and such, I made a topic called 'Po8'...and peopled it with characters, my early toons!...I had a fascination with Black Bart, the old west robber that waylaid folk in the foothills of the Sierra, leaving behind a short succinct poem...and I, night to night, much like now!, posted up short poems, most of them self references, and so obscure...much like now!...a posting looked like this:


Topic 45                     Sat May 25, 1991
NAUTILUS                    at 0.2:35  EDT

Sub: Po8

Another of her electric nights--The smell of popcorn, And the vendor
84 message(s) total
Catergory 3    Topic 45
Message 1                 Sat May 25, 1991
NAUTILUS                  at 2:36 EDT
Oh, not to puzzle, but the poems I post here will be against teh(sic) background of s a (sic) special place...
Category 3,     Topic45
Message 2            Sat May 25, 1991
POETRY(Charlotte)             at 23:02 EDT

I promise not to fawn, David.  Maybe you stick around this time. 
But hey, does Po8 mean something?  Or do you want me to edit the topic header?  Normally I am able to understand you, but I'm not clear on the meaning of this topic.

Oh hell...I've got to fawn just a LITTLE.  David here is an acquired taste, but only those with superb taste will acquire him!    He's quite brilliant, and sufficiently modest, and excruciatingly elusive!  And he is annoyingly immune to brownie bribes :)

NAUTILUS I was using as a Charlotte was using POETRY...she was the sysop of the Poetry chat room....I could never fathom the chat rooms, or chat...I'd lurk...still World of Warcraft, I'm a clam...though I must say, chat then, and today, like in the comments of web topics, was/is always bedeviled by trolls, and just generally speaking, topic hijackers...trying to keep things 'on point' is always very hard...the 'background' my little poems referred to was my work at Disneyland in the maintenance division...I was taking poetic snap shots of things I'd job took me everywhere in the park...Po8 may have been how Black Bart signed his left behind notes...brb...


When Bowles was wounded and forced to flee, he left behind several personal items. These included his eyeglasses, some food, and a handkerchief with a laundry mark F.X.O.7. Wells Fargo Detective James B. Hume found these at the scene. Hume and detective Harry N. Morse contacted every laundry in San Francisco about the laundry mark. After visiting nearly 90 laundries, they finally traced it to Ferguson & Bigg's California Laundry on Bush Street and were able to learn that the handkerchief belonged to a man who lived in a modest boarding house.


what can I say, for awhile I lived in a one room across from the China Gate on Bush Street...brb...yes, it was Bush St....across from the Dragon's Gate...:)...Illustration...a tracing of a Tieopolo drawing...used it to make a T-shirt for air brush class...



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