Wednesday, August 31, 2016

OTI:two poems and notes:8/31/16

Open To Interpretation

Baubles And Songs
from Black Dragon Lore

Black Dragons become deliriously happy
Listening to humans sing and play their instruments. 
Next to treasures fashioned by humans, it is their favorite. 
A Dragon Clan with a stable of singers and musicians,
And crafters too,
Is set. 
Tall nests encrusted with human treasures,
Long summer evenings of human music...
Nothing could be finer, the best of Dragon things. 
Dragons are clumsy, claws and wings being such,
And while they have visual and hearing acuities next to none,
They can't make a thing, or sing a note, themselves.
Dragons will die for a bauble, and a song.

When Asleep When Awake

Dragons dream together,
Awake, disparate paths they take.


Notes:...I..hmmph...I dreamed a dream about the Black Ship tale!...when I awoke I thought nothing of it, then did a double take...'DavidDavid, you just dreamed about the Black Ship!...Write it down!' grabbed my iphone and poked the keypad...this is just how I recorded, misspells and all...tempting to try and meld it into the narrative, but it don't make much sense!, and would take some fiddling!


‘O Earth, O Earth, return!
Arise from out the dewy grass!
Night is worn,
And the morn
Rises from the slumbrous mass.

Songs Of Experience
William Blake


The Pogo Stick Poles

He catches me on the soft pole I'm hopping on...he on one too...I've stolen mine from across the field along the fence where I had seen them atop the connected ones in the village. I had climbed up the one to make it drop it's string pouch and wS kind if stuck at the top the string below so hopped back to the group pillars for some reason nearly there I was waylaid by him on his hopping pillar he was going to arrest me I thought do you know where you are we are atop the walls of a labyrinth like group of open to the air celadon I see antique buildings across a street and I'll remember those your at a zoo he says. We're hopping on the pillars to the fence pillars and he's asking about the tale forget some here I describe the black ship carefully repeating how it isomer a obsidian Neolithic spear point I don't think he likes that and he asks about the poles what about the poles and I think and say oh the black ship masts. In battle they shoot out lightning and he s excited mimiciing like the masts the poles connect earth and sky whew !A dream about the black ship!



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