Thursday, September 1, 2016

OTI:four poems and notes:9/1/16

Open To Interpretation


Worm on the cement
Between dry and wet.

In Front, Cupid, In Front

In front, Cupid, in front,
Not behind.
Oh, did you do that to
Aphrodite's design?
I was trying to catch,
Not be caught.
Be judged,
Not judge.
What does she think I'll do?
Shoot ahead that requested arrow,
And I'll have two!


What were your sinews?
And the adamantine sickle that cut them from you?
Let me think...
Hundred headed
Typhon had them
Hidden in his cave,
And Typhon could be charmed
With a lyre tune,
Best if the lyre made with your sinews.
"Bring me Zeus' sinews,"
Said Cadmus to Typhon,
"To make the lyre to play your tune."
A trick.
But Typhon agreed,
So eager to hear his favorite tune
'Low Rolling Thunder',
And his hundred heads would sing
And flame and smoke and roar the chorus.
What were the sinews?
What the lyre?
Oh, I see,
Zeus' fire,
Lightning streaking storm clouded sky,
'Low Rolling Thunder',
Hundred headed Typhon's
Favorite wonder.
Nowadays we have all seen
The prize winning photo
'Lightning Over Volcano',
But what of the sickle?
Made of iron, the story said,
What better to cut lightning
From storm clouded sky.


I care
For you
And you
I pursue
I pursued
A fine imbroglio!


Notes: Desperate...yep...Cupid...being cupid...Zeus...background checking Dragons, and of course encountered the granddaddy of all Dragons, Typhon...and took note Typhon had a weakness for music, which became part of a stratagem in the battle between Zeus and Typhon...Lightning Over Volcano...more than a few prize winners!...oh...Blake's Tyger Tyger poem in play...'what the fire, what the art, could twist the sinews of thy heart?"...embellished, here's link...The Tyger...note storm imagery in Blake's poem...Sure...more 'did you ever have to make up your mind, to pick up with one, and leave the other behind'--Loving Spoonful...that refrain,often encountered, is probably more at the heart of those who withdraw from the 'world', or try to manage it, than any other singular thing!...there's a deep sea creature called a Black Dragon Fish...looking at today's google doodle...I thought...but no, it's about the book Never Ending Story...a fine reminder!...oh, thought to check 'low rolling thunder', thinking a heavy metal sound...that may be around, with the all the other things, but did find a haiku with music on youtube...'nice' I left in the notes...



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