Thursday, September 22, 2016

OTI:one poem, notes, four drawings:9/22/16

Open To Interpretation


They're loading their drums
And instruments
The trunk,
All their car's doors
Wide open.
I'm parked beside
In the parking garage
And see I'll have to wait a bit.
"You're a band!"
I find a perch
On the low cement wall.
They're beginning to crawl
"Do you know the band
Shiny Toy Guns?"
"Never heard of them."
"Rock and roll band."
"We play jazz."
"Oh, you should hear them!"
They look at me
Like I'm from an alien race,
And they're from outer space.
I'm humming along
To Major Tom.


Notes: it happened...frustration level very high trying to think up a dragon...sometimes in reading a web page I land deep in the text from a search, and don't know my, so, I'm reading, author is making the case that Pterodactyls were still about in historic times, and points to examples in old art...people were seeing Pteros, but, not having drawing skills, were depicting them poorly...was making a kind of sense, but then the author brings forward his notion that human beings coexisted with dinosaurs, and my hands fly off the keyboard and flap!...dinosaurs would have eaten all of us, in a day!...anyway, I sat down with a blank Bristol board pad page, and tried...Maya, my dog, looking make a Black Dragon...there is a lot of discussion about dragons, every nuance and subject is how many legs...I just assumed two...but then in my searches, I realized four...never gave note to how many legs dragons have, and I've seen as many as everyone!...thinking on four, I realize nearly all the dragons portrayed aren't aerodynamic...a quibble...I'm not going to sit in the theater and shout out, 'that thing can't possibly fly!'....the 'willing suspension of disbelief'...anyway, I like the idea of Ptero Dragons...and having looked a lot at birds, I went with two legs...have to study bird legs and claws...long legs...realized as the drawing progressed, see below!, that I want the Black Dragons to have really long legs...big oversize claws, webbed somehow...a long crest that flares out when they're excited...a tail, not long, like the diamond shape of Pteros at the end...a kind of steering oar when they swim...a not too long neck, and small head...and feathered with big big wings...all black with dark red highlights on the crest and tail...and big...sketch has Petra on Pet's back...thinking on this, I realize the Black Ship tale is a manga...all along I've been 'seeing' it as panels in a comic all I have to do is work at manga drawing for a couple years!...and I'll have it!...I don't know what I did with my Hokusai book...need to get another...his work is considered the early beginning of Manga...have to rethink the tail...why did Ptero's have a tail like that?...brb...


Many, if not all, pterosaurs also had webbed feet.

end quote

and they had something like feathers, 'pycnofibers'...I must have known that...ral..



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