Friday, September 16, 2016

OTI:two poems and notes:9/16/16

Open To Interpretation

Ready Or Not

When you see what I'm doing
You're going to say,
I want to do that!
I don't want to do that!
I'm ready for nothing
Or not.


Best of all things is water; but gold, like a gleaming fire
by night, outshines all pride of wealth beside.

What would Pindar
Say to me if I approached
For an autograph.
Have you an Olympian victory
For me to celebrate?

I'd say,
You miss understand,
I just want your autograph.
You look impoverished,
My fees are high...

Please, an autograph.
Included will be a hero's tale,
A mirror embellishment of your success.

An autograph.
Oh, you've shaken my onward momentum,
I thought I was on the track. 
My apology. 
What is it you said?
I'd like to have your autograph.
Which one?  They're expensive...
Just your signature please,
On a page in my book.
What a fine little book,
The substrate, so thin, what is it? 
And all these names...all unfamiliar...
Euripides, I see...and many pages to fill still...
I've only just begun...
Even for my signature, an expense...
I have a bottled water...
I am thirsty, it's warm...
Thank you, Pindar!
I'll sing of this success!
You sing too?...
Where did you go?...
This unholy place and its magic...hmmph...
And this water bottle...another marvel...


Notes: Pindar quote is from here, his first Olympian Ode I think...I've yet to settle into reading them...the introductions have been the study so far!...apparently, Pindar had this notion that prizes won in competitions, while a vanity, were the one place humanity really shined...Greeks in general must have thought so too, as when a competition was in progress, the Olympics were just one of many sorts, wars and conflicts were set aside...there are two sorts of autographs, I find, one, the handwritten work of someone like Euripides...the Roman Pliny clan collected...all from ancient time's lost...and then there's  the autograph signature of the author by itself...I don't know if the ancients did that...there are no original works in anyone's handwriting, or singular signatures, left from Greek and Roman times...I don't know if signings on pottery and sculpture and such, count, when it's said there are no autographs left...a quibble...for sometime, why we collect, and hoard, stuff!



Best of all things is water; but gold, like a gleaming fire
by night, outshines all pride of wealth beside.

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