Sunday, September 18, 2016

OTI:two poems and notes:9/18/16

Open To Interpretation

Balls And Chains

We drag around our
Balls and chains.
It's not like you think,
Not our spouses and such,
Our eyes,
And our optic nerves.
We can't get enough
Of seeing you.
We're a sorry crowd
Rattling our chains,
Hobbling ghosts all
Wanting to be real

Dragons Roar
(Dragons In Our Caves)

Around the fire
In an encampment in the Conifer Forest,
Petra settled in with her
Black Ship Crew.
Pip, with his concertina,

There's a dragon in my cave
You make me sing and roar
There's a dragon in my cave
That wants to be with yours
See our dragons wave
Together they'll sing and roar
There's dragons in our caves.

The crew joins in on the chorus:

There's dragons in our caves
Together we'll sing and roar!
There's dragons in our caves
Loud as the oceans' roar!

Black Dragon Pet
Sat disconsolate,
Black Dragons can't sing
But Pet was delighted to listen
And add her roar to each roar...
"Sing this please,
At the Midnight Flowering!"
Pet's request.
The crew around the fire
We're in like a dome
Of hellish illumination,
The wide columns
Of the tall trees,
Their shaggy bark red against the blackness,
Between the trees,
Black shadows
In the forest's blackness
Began to appear--
Eyes fire lit glowing,
Gathering near.
Pip and the crew continued singing,
Closer to the fire moving,
Ned, Watteau, Madeline
Adding their verses to Pip's.

There's fire in the night
See our dragon's fight
There's thunder in the night
Hear our dragon's might!


There's a dragon in my cave
That likes to misbehave
There's a dragon in your cave
That wants to be my dragon's slave!


In Volcano Never
My dragon is dreaming
Snoring and steaming
In Volcano Never
Your dragon is dreaming
Rumbling and heating.


From Volcano Never
Black smoke the sky clouding
From Volcano Never
Red rivers o'er the earth snaking.


Over all of Nevermore
Black Dragons all dreaming
Over all of Nevermore
Black Dragons all snoring
Rumbling and steaming
Over all of Nevermore.


My dragon is waiting
For winter soon melting
Your dragon is waiting
For the Midnight Flowering.


Pet roared to one last chorus,
Then couldn't contain herself.
Pet Grabbed Petra in a claw
And hovered above
The startled crew around the fire.
"Follow us to Volcano Never!"
Petra said, as Pet flew off!
"But," Pip protested,
"There's more..."
"Grab your gear
Grab your instruments!"
Ishmael said.
The crew,
None to pleased,
And unnerved,
Took flaming sticks from the fire
To light their wending
Way through the
Dark menace of the Conifer Forest
Back to the Black Ship.


Notes: from Black Dragon Lore: at the Equinox the Black Dragons of the Northern Reach celebrate the Midnight Ceremony...the retelling of the Spring and Summer events, and the memorial for those fallen...the Black Dragons of the Southern Reach celebrate the Midnight Flowering...this to say, when it is Fall in the North, and Spring in the South...when otherwise, things are reversed...ral...was looking for a 'handhold'...with 'Flowering' found it...changed 'Midnight Ceremony' to 'Midnight Flowering' in the first verse...and 'ocean waves' to 'oceans' roar' in the chorus...Pet wanted more roaring...updated Balls And Chains...'my' to 'we' and 'ours'...reads okay both ways...



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